Bulimia Nervosa – Prevention

Bulimia Nervosa and the possible ways it can be prevented

Drunkorexia is the common practice which is adapted when a person wants to put a check on overeating by adopting a weird process of puking or even following the process of starvation in order to increase the consumption level of alcohol.

The whole process is known as bulimia nervosa. The process is practiced by college goers since they want to skip meals and goes on to the level of starving and go through the rigorous process of working out so that they can reduce the calories.

This is done with the sole intention of reducing the fat that they gather while they intake larger amount of alcohol.

The study on the college students:

It has been found by a recent survey in colleges that students prefer to go for the ugly process to just increase the level of intake of alcohol. Otherwise, also they try to starve so that they feel the trip of alcohol to a greater extent.

Out in a survey, it was found that out of the entire college student almost forty percent loves in heavy consumption of drinks. The college students drink more than once in the entire month and party out.

The segment that goes on to booze heavily was targeted in the study. The research result reflected that almost eighty percent of the students underwent the process of drunkorexia process in the past three or four months.

The process of going drunkorexia:

  • It has been a noticeable fact that the students undergo rigorous workouts so that they can burn out the fats that they gather through the excess intake of alcohols.

  • They slash down eating and all at the same time they go on to the extent of remaining without food for days, which actually is going through the process of starvation.

  • They even try out the process of vomiting or even purgatives so that they can keep their stomach empty.

  • Their rigorous exercise the process includes taking low-calorie drinks or even not taking food for a day or even days.

Reasons to adopt such measures:

  • The research shows that the main reason for going through the drunkorexia process is mainly because the students they want to consume more liquor. The result of the survey also shows that students prefer partying and drinking in excess and they enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Once they remain empty stomach the kick that they get once they start drinking seems to be relatively higher and they like it more. That is one of the reasons that adapt the process.

  • Most of the students are calorie conscious and at the same time they are addicted to alcohol, so they go on with the process of not eating for days so that they can cut on the calories. The main reason to starve is only that they are obsessively used to the nightlife and wild parties and all at the same time they do not want to gain excess fat. Hence, they follow the process.

  • It has been pointed out by Louise Noble that the women face a lot of challenges to continue with the drinking and at the same time maintain the perfect fatless figure. So they readily get used to the process which regulates the body from gaining fat and they can even drink to the fullest. Many celebrities follow the process also.

Different after effects of the process:

  • The students undergoing the process do not even guess how dangerous this process can be and they follow it blindly. The process hampers the whole process of metabolism and can give rise to other unknown diseases. One major issue is not following the proper process of eating food. This gives rise to a lack of different absence of vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements which are needed by the body.

  • Taking alcohol in empty stomach raises the absorption of drinks faster, which is very bad for the liver and kidney. Drinks should be taken with proper intake of food.

  • This also raises the complication of raising weakness in the body and at the same time giving rise to many psychological disorders.

  • The students want to maintain the figure and they refuge on the unhealthy process of not taking food just because that allows them to purchase alcohol.

  • There are a number of mental problems which occur due to lack of proper nutrition and this result in poor health, lack of concentration, forgetfulness and other related issues. The whole of the system gets hampered just because of the fact that the addiction of alcohol.

  • The students following the system lose the power to take correct decision and this is really harmful to their career. However, they do not bother, just because of the fact that they cannot do away with alcohol and the wired lifestyle and at the same time have the urge to maintain the figure and look trim.

Hence, this is advisable to be looked into so that the practice is checked and proper focus is given to spread the fact how dangerous that practice can be. Medical camps in colleges are necessary to project the after effects of the process and a proper check from the parents should always be made so that the practice can be checked.

The drunkorexia process eats up the man from within and every possible step should be taken to eradicate it.

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