Cannabidiol Benefits and Side-effects

What are the Effects of Cannabidiol?

Do you want to know what are the effects of Cannabidiol? On this article we are going to explore the positive and negative side of this compound. We will also unveil some myths about Cannabidiol and its association to marijuana’s recreational uses.

Negative Association of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is one of the around 80 known cannabinoid compounds. It is also known as CBD, and it has a negative association to marijuanawhen it is used as a drug. Getting high with Marihuana is in fact produced by some of the cannabinoids present in the plant. However, it is not CBD the responsible of getting high.

The THC is the most important psychotropic of marijuana. It produces hallucinations and addiction. There are other cannabinoids that add points to these effects, but Cannabidiol is not one of them.

The problem is that they both come from the same plant. Cannabis Sativa is the branch from which all cannabinoids are found in high concentrations. Cannabidiol’s name doesn’t help either. Certain species of Cannabis Sativa have less concentrations of THC and more CBD (for example hemp). These plants are equally vetoed by certain governments.

When it comes to Cannabidiol, so far there are no know serious bad effects. The studies so far are showing that it is not toxic when consumed by humans. The problem comes with high doses, in which it can inhibit the hepatic function, changing the liver’s enzymes. This can cause important changes in the overall body which would need immediate attention. There is also a dry sensation inside the mount after ingesting it. This occurs due to the lessen secretion of saliva. Just drinking enough water can sooth this side effect.

As you can see, with the right dose, the consumption of Cannabidiol is safe. Despite the fact that CBD has mostly positive effects, it is not legal in some places. Now let’s explore the good side of Cannabidiol.


Cannabidiol is now recognized as a powerful antipsychotic. This is ironic, since it is actually the opposite effect of the cannabinoids that produce hallucinations. Therefore, when marijuana has high concentrations of CBD, it is not as good as other varieties for getting high. It inhibits the effect instead of promoting it.

But it doesn’t stop there. The positive side of cannabis produced by CBD is very helpful to treat certain health conditions related to psychosis. Its soothing effects helps to relax people who are overexcited due to psychotic reactions.


Anxiety is another important effect produced by certain brain functions. CBD has been found to fight depression and anxiety. It is effectively used to improve people’s mood. This is often confused with the recreational porpoises of marijuana. However, it is not bad. In fact, it can be used to treat anxiety disorders, which are very common nowadays.


Any seizure activity is reduced with the right dose of CBD. This property is of most use to treat convulsion disorders. Most of these conditions are permanent. Drugs are used just to control them. The problem is that the side effects of these drugs are not as good in most cases. People need safer choices than the current offer, and CBD can be one of them.

Chances are that when drugs with Cannabidiol are approved, they will become a popular choice. They should be safe when taken for a long time. There are not yet official treatments, but the protocols are progressing to release them soon.


The anti-inflammatory response is useful for many health conditions. Inflammation is the cause of most modern diseases and health concerns. If you reduce inflammation you are automatically addressing many of the diseases that are attacking our modern lifestyle.

When you plan to use CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties to treat a certain disease, ask your doctor first. If you are under a medical treatment, Cannabidiol can cause negative reactions when combined with the drugs you are taking. It may also reduce the effects of medicine, which is not recommended.


The oxidative effect is natural on every living creature. It causes aging, but it can also cause some neurodegenerative disorders. This is when CBD can play an important role. Its antioxidant effect is good not just to keep you young, but also to reduce the effect and reverse the most common disorders that are associated to aging.

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