What is CBD extract and what is it used for?

What is CBD extract?

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD. This is a chemical that has shown some interesting positive effects when used for medical porpoises. Next we will explain more about this important compound, and how you can find it in the form of a commercial CBD extract.

CBD Comes from Cannabis or Hemp

Cannabis Sativa, also known as Marihuana is a type of plant that is best known for its use as a recreational drug. During the 60s it produced a mass social concern, leading to its legal prohibition. There are many varieties of Cannabis. Each of them has a different level of cannabinols in their formula. Among all the compounds CBD stands out in the positive side.

Certain cannabis species are more rich than others when it comes to CBD content. Most of them are also known as hemp. From all these plants, hempseeds are one of the richest sources of CBD. When the right variety is chosen, there are practically no psychotropic compounds in the formula of the natural plant or seeds.

CBD has no Psychotropic Effects

This fact must be highlighted: CBD has no psychotropic effects. Cannabidiol will not make you high. The truth is that it produces a soothing effect that has nothing to do with hallucinations. The negative side effects are minimal. When it is isolated from all other compounds, we can recount mostly benefits to the brain functions.

The benefits of CBD Extract

The use of CBD has become very popular recently. It can produce many interesting and positive effects that are an important aid in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. This is the main compound that works when marijuana is used for medicinal porpoises.

Some of the most important medicinal properties that come from CBD include:

  • The reduction of vertigo, nausea, and vomiting (also known as anti-emetic effect).

  • The suppression of any seizure activities (anticoagulant properties).

  • It is a powerful ingredient against psychotic disorders (therefore known as anti-psychotic).

  • CBD can fight against inflammatory responses (anti-inflammatory properties).

  • It reduces any degenerative disorder that naturally appear in our bodies (which is why it is considered an antioxidant).

  • CBD can reduce tumors and carcinogenic cells (as a consequence it is considered anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic agent).

  • CBD can reduce tumors and carcinogenic cells (as a consequence it is considered anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic agent).

Scientifically Research

The isolation of CBD as the source of the benefits is relatively recent. Researchers are still working on studies to make the isolation of CBD conclusive. So far, most evidence is the result of studies on animals. They are all promising, and human patients are now addressed to develop new drugs.

There are already clinical trials running to release new drugs related to the treatment of:

But the possibilities don’t stop there. There is a long list of diseases that can be treated with CBD. It is just a matter of time before it is used to treat other health conditions. In the meantime, the best is to go for a natural source of CBD.

Where to find a Natural Source of CBD

Hemp and hemp seeds are the most reliable natural sources for CBD. This is the plant with the highest concentration of the compound in its formula. It is used to synthesize CBD for medical porpoises. Nevertheless, there are other sources.

The food grade natural sources of CBD include black pepper and cacao. Other sources are certain varieties of daises, cone-flower, and liverwort. These last are not good for human consumption. Certain oils obtained from these plants can help, but they are not so popular.

It is interesting to know about them because they can be a source of CBD. Because their concentrations are minimal, most of them will not show the benefits as a medical treatment. However, you can add the food grade sources to your diet. It will add positive points on the prevention department. Some of these plants are also under research to be used to synthesize the compound since hemp is still illegal in certain zones.

Legal Boundaries

Governments are still skeptic on releasing CBD use for medical porpoises. Despite it has been proved that it produces no hallucinations, it is not considered safe yet due to its negative association to marijuana. The extract is illegal in many places, including the United States and Canada.

The FDA in the United States is moving slow. They just authorized a few trials to treat rare health conditions, including epilepsy cases on children.

The social wave caused by cannabis is not yet overcome. The fear that considering CBD a legal compound will result on the mass production of marijuana is still there. Society is not ready to fight for a change, and the evolution of legislation is not as fast as the patients suffering from disease that could improve would like.

Most organizations fighting for the legalization of CBD are involved in some sort of disease which could benefit from this compound. Supporter families are raising campaigns to create awareness. Their hope is that all the information will soon help to change the legal status of CBD.

If you are looking to buy CBD check your current legislation. Some states in the United States have released the use of marijuana for medicinal porpoises. Just traveling a few miles can give you legal access to natural hemp and its derivatives, which are rich in CBD.

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