Chromium uses benefits and side effects

What Is Chromium?

How many times have you met people trying to lose weight or to improve their lifestyle and starting to take all sorts of shady supplements that eventually end up hurting their health? I bet many of you have gone through that and it is what makes many people actually become sicker than healthier. There are a lot of natural supplements, I agree, that will provide you with a lot of benefits, but the fact is that many of them also contain some ingredients that may not be as healthy as you may think. And some people felt that first hand. The problem here is that there are even healthier alternatives that you can benefit from and all of them are risk free. For instance, Chromium is found in many of the supplements currently on the market and the alternative to those supplements, in case your system actually needs Chromium, would be to simply start taking Chromium supplement. Chromium has been actually pretty known for a long time, but it was not until 1977 that it has been discovered to have a meaningful impact on one’s health. It was during the intravenous nutrition in some patients that this mineral’s efficiency has been proven. It seemed that when they were getting those intravenous interventions they were experiencing out of the charts glucose levels and this thing was easily correctable using Chromium supplementation.

Sources of Chromium

There are a lot of Chromium sources and you don’t need to resource to all sorts of supplements in order to get your daily recommended intake. The large majority of the foods contain low quantities of Chromium, but you don’t need that much anyway. Among the best Chromium sources are broccoli, liver and brewer’s yeast. Aside from these, you can also find your necessary Chromium dose in foods such as turkey, mashed potatoes, English muffin, seafood, whole grains and various meats and green beans. The best thing to do is to vary your alimentary diet, because some Chromium sources can be more easily accessible than others and these may vary from one individual to another.

Deficiency of Chromium

Deficiencies associated with this mineral are extremely rare especially since your body does not require that much in order to function properly. But there is one thing that you should take into account and that is the fact that it seems like when taking the nutrient separately from a supplementary source of sorts, your body will assimilate it harder than it would if you were to have taken it from your food. It may seem a bit awkward, but that is how things are. So this means that you don’t need supplements in order to get your daily Chromium dose, but only to regulate your food diet.

Benefits of Chromium

If you have heard of Chromium picolinate, then you know that this is a supplementary product that has been intensively used by professional athletes who wanted to increase their physical capacities and their overall performance. This product containing this mineral is known to increase the muscle mass as well as your energy levels and it has long served as a great source of energy and physical efficiency. There have been also studies proving that Chromium picolinate can increase the muscle mass and also help with blood sugar control and weight loss processes by influencing the metabolism of the carbohydrates. Aside from this it seems like Chromium can also have a positive impact on your health when suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Side Effects of Chromium

When talking about serious side effects such as aggravated toxicity, there is no such risk when consuming Chromium. There have been no reported cases of toxic Chromium consumptions. However, there are some specifications when talking about overdosing, because some cases may bring forth various side effects associated with the excessive consumption of Chromium. Among these unwanted side effects we need to mention hypoglycemia, some skin lesions, kidney, liver and nerve damage. Also, it seems like Chromium consumptions may have a meaningful impact when used along with other medications. Thyroid medications, for instance, should be separated from Chromium intakes by a period of at least 3 or 4 hours. This mineral can also affect your organism if you will take it along with antacids, corticosteroids, H2 blockers, nicotinic acid, insulin, beta-blockers, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and even prostaglandin inhibitors. This goes to show that, while Chromium is not that harmful in large doses, it can still have a sensitive impact when taken in certain conditions. The fact is that Chromium is beneficial to your health when taken in normal doses and the best thing to do is to consult a specialist whenever planning to increase its addition to your diet plan.

Other Application of Chromium

There are no important Chromium applications other than the medical area. Specialists may use this mineral in some supplements when your body needs it for a plus of energy and when aiming to regulate some of your internal processes. Other than that, its applications are limited to various food supplements in combination with other ingredients which will make it the more effective and useful.

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