Does Provailen Work?

What is Provailen?

Provailen is an extremely important addition in the field of health related products because it provides the much-needed assistance in an area where we are not used to considering that important. You have probably heard of arthritis before and most likely you are used to associating it with older people, do you? The problem is that this condition can actually be also encountered in younger people too and it is a nasty one to deal with. First of all, you should take into consideration that there are no valid treatments for this particular condition, so no medicine will provide you with this result. Not Provailen, not anything else. But what this product can do is to ease the symptoms to the point where you will no longer be that affected.

The words “arthritis” stands for “joint inflammation”, but the same term is being used in describing more than 200 rheumatic diseases, most of them affecting joints, as well as the tissues around them. This is the most annoying problem with arthritis and this is why this supplement, as well as other similar products, are so sought after. Joint pains are the main symptom of those suffering from this condition and Provailen claims it can assist you in getting rid of these problems. But before we continue to Provailen’s actual description and analyze, let’s break down the essentials regarding arthritis. In other words, these are the most well known facts about this condition that you should know about:

  • Arthritis is a rheumatic disease and encompasses more than 200 joint affecting diseases and conditions.
  • The most common of all is osteoarthritis, followed by gout, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis, among others.
  • Some types of arthritis can actually affect multiple organs at once and are responsible for causing a wide range of symptoms
  • CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports claim that there are more than 52 million adults in the USA suffering from one form of arthritis or another
  • This condition may affect your everyday functioning and you may find it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks
  • You can counter some of its effects if you engage in physical activity, thus improving your overall functioning and mental health, but the effects are minimal when lacking the proper medical treatment. It is more of a temporary solution.
  • You may end up developing various heart diseases, known to have been linked, in some cases, with a form of arthritis
  • Arthritis may be caused by injuries, genetic factors, infections, immune system dysfunctions and even an abnormality in your metabolism
  • The actual treatment, when not considering products like Provailen, are meant to minimize the overall symptoms and improve the quality of life, not cure.

When treating this condition, there are a lot of things that need to converge, such as medication, physical therapies and constant patient support and education. Since it has no actual cure, all you can do is work in minimizing its effects.

But these are only the statistics regarding the adult population. The major problem here is that this condition is also known to affect children, so you can see why something like Provailen may prove to be priceless. The latest researches show that there are around 300.000 children under the age of 18 in the US alone suffering from arthritis or a type of rheumatic condition and this means 1 child every 250 others. This is why this product may prove to be the product of choice because these statistics alone are designed to install fear in our heads. Provailen may be the exact product that could help bring these statistics to a more acceptable value, but until then the numbers are merciless. Here are some new statistics that could prove to you the importance of Provailen, among other similar products of its range.

  • Out of the 52 million adults suffering from arthritis in the US, 43% of them report various limitations in their daily activities, which mean that there are 22 million people with certain handicaps in this regard.
  • Among them, around 40% declare that they find it extremely difficult to perform the usual daily tasks
  • 8 million adults report that they face severe limitations and difficulties in bending, stooping, kneeling or even walking for more than 250 yards.
  • 30% of the working population declare that they face problems in their job due to the poor physical performances
  • In 2003, the approximate costs for treating arthritis were: $128 billion for domestic products, $81 billion for ambulatory care, inpatient care and drug prescriptions and $47 billion indirect costs.

That’s right, we are talking about billions of dollars being spent almost every year in the US alone, trying to keep arthritis under control. Try and visualize these numbers and you will understand how important this product is.

Now for the important part, what is Provailen? Provailen is an innovative product claiming to put an end to your rheumatic conditions and all of the pain and discomfort coming along with them. The product claims to be a completely natural and safe product, whose main benefits include taking away the joint pains coming along with any rheumatic disease. So, aside from the fact that Provailen will work as a natural analgesic, its role is also to provide you with anti-inflammatory effects, tending to smoothen the inflammations and leave you with pain-free joints.

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How does Provailen Work?

Provailen’s efficiency lies in its powerful ingredients and it fights rheumatic conditions by tackling all the things that cause them. This means that, aside from improving your immune system’s efficiency, the product will also fight off free radicals and this is an important aspect in treating these conditions. As you may have heard, free radicals are the ones responsible for accelerating your aging processes, as well as provoking the emergence of plenty of age-related diseases. So, when fighting free radicals, The supplement actually fights off the aging process, as well as any disease associated with it. Because remember, that is what arthritis is all about. Yes, as we have already mentioned, this disease will also affect children, but the percentage is a lot smaller and the way it manifests is exactly the same. Basically, you need to see free radicals as harmful agents, taking over your cells and causing an earlier decay that would be later responsible for a lot faster aging. You can see why this product may prove itself to be a more than welcomed product, because not only it will fight the already installed rheumatic conditions, but will also assist in the prevention processes.

What are Provailen Benefits?

When analyzing the benefits that you will be getting when using Provailen, we should take into account the side effects and the unwanted aftermath caused by all sorts of rheumatic diseases along your lifespan. Here are the most important unwanted side effects that you need to take into consideration:

  • Joint and muscle pain – this is true regardless of the patient’s age, but children are those experiencing the most discomfort. Provailen will help them diminishing the pain that may occur right after they wake up in the morning, will help protect their knees and joints from further harm.
  • Provailen may help in providing relief from joint stiffness and this is something Provailen may be particularly useful in. Especially in the first hours of the morning, arthritis patients may experience joint stiffness that may create a significant discomfort in the daily activities and this is where Provailen will prove its efficiency.
  • Provailen will treat swelling – it is pretty common for rheumatic patients to experience swelling and redness around the joints affected by arthritis, especially when talking about juvenile patients and this makes Provailen the product of choice for most of those affected by these symptoms.
  • Provailen is efficient in treating fevers – these may come from various infections and Provailen is known to fight these by improving the efficiency of your immune system and this is one of Provailen’s main assets to take into consideration, because this mean that Provailen can actually assist in treating various other conditions that can be easily avoided and even countered when possessing a flawless immune system.
  • You will be able to have a good night sleep – It is well known that problems like arthritis will cause you constant pains during nights and this may result in poorer sleep sessions.

These benefits make Provailen one of the most sought after products currently on the market and we definitely have to keep an eye on it.

What are Provailen Ingredients?

There are three major ingredients present in Provailen and we have not been able to identify any other throughout the internet. Maybe the product has more ingredients than these ones, but there is no way of knowing that as far as we can tell. What we can do, though, is to analyze the impact of these three ingredients. All in all, here they are:

  • Reishi

Provailen contains this powerful fungus known to belong to the same class as penicillin and this means that its benefits are extremely important. This fungus is the one providing the supplement with the necessary tools to improve your immune system and prevent the development of arthritis by reestablishing the balance between your immune system and the impending aging process that may affect it in the long run. There is a reason for which this product contains Reishi. A recent study that took place in Texas discovered that this potent fungus has the same effect as 5mg of hydrocortisone and, as you may know, this substance is being used in treating arthritis. This goes to show that this product will be the natural alternative to some of the most potent medicine out there. Aside from this, Reishi will also effectively fight against free radicals, will remove the dead cells, provide you with detoxifying effects and effectively delay the impact of the aging process. This means that Provailen may help you in more than one way.

  • Tongkat Ali

This substance’s name literally means “the tree that cures 100 diseases” and this goes to show why is present in Provailen. Arthritis will come with its fair share of side effects and among these, we must mention muscle loss and muscle pain. This disease can even because your muscle mass to greatly diminish and Provailen will effectively work against this. Tongkat Ali will influence the development of your muscle mass through activating your hormones and this will result in further benefits for your body.

  • Capsaicin

This particular ingredient is the one activating in chili pepper and when combined with the rest of the ingredients found in Provailen it will lead to a better absorption. Capsaicin is the catalyst since it is used in improving the blood flow, which means Provailen’s nutrients will be faster absorbed in your organism. Aside from this, this ingredient is the one known to offer relief from inflammation.

How to Use Provailen?

Provailen can be easily used by the regular consumer and there are no special indications you need to be aware of. Provailen comes as pills and you should take two of them every day. One pill should come in the morning, right after you wake up, and the next in the evening. The recommended period of treatment is minimum a month and can go much more than that in some cases where arthritis comes in a more aggravated form. In these cases, you may have to use Provailen for 3 or more months, depending on the side effects you are experiencing and whether you are more affected than others by those rheumatic conditions.

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Who Should Use Provailen?

Well, since Provailen claims to be equally efficient for adults, as well as for juvenile patients, it seems to be no specification in this regard. Neither the official sites nor other sites reviewing Provailen provide any information regarding this aspect, which means that we have to assume that Provailen is safe for everybody. However, since there are some problems with Provailen, that we will later present, we have to specify few things. Provailen may not be as safe for children as the manufacturer tries to convince of. The manufacturer claims that the product only contains 3 ingredients and that is it. This seems to be a bit awkward. Also, as we will present you further, Provailen seems to have quite a few side effects and this is something that you should really take into consideration. The conclusion? Avoid giving this product to children under the age of 15, to those suffering from other conditions, outside arthritis, to pregnant women and to those who take various drugs in order to treat other diseases. This is because we have no way of telling what effects will Provailen show once mixed with various drugs, simply because we have no idea what is the full list of ingredients. Provailen only claims to have 3 major ingredients that you should know of, but as for the rest, we know nothing.

Does Provailen have any Side Effects?

We have looked through Provailen official site and there is no specification regarding any potential side effects. Actually, it is. It says, in their own words “Natural Pain Relief – Without side effects” Here, “without side effects” is the magic construction, because wherever we have searched on the internet, any other review site claims that Provailen actually has side effects and they are not negligible at all. Provailen is known to have side effects by the large majority of the consumers, which is why it only scores a 3-star rating. Some of the most important side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Muscle pains
  • Increase physical exhaustion
  • red spots
  • itching
  • dizziness

There are other side effects coming from the constant usage of Provailen and not all of them disappear as easy as others. As expected, “the manufacturer claims that these effects only last for the first week of usage”. We have researched the Provailen official site there is no such claim anywhere to be seen. Like we have already mentioned, the manufacturer’s sole claim is that Provailen is completely side effects free. Completely, that is right. Now others suggest that Provailen side effects are scarce and will only last for a limited amount of time. And that Provailen remains safe for everyday usage. Let us have our doubts, shall we?

The real problem here is that Provailen manufacturer claims that the product is free from side effects and this is a major problem because the customers declare otherwise. This means that we are talking about misinformation and this is quite serious actually. The product seems to be an obvious scam and we are not even talking about a harmless one, but one that will affect you physically and directly.

Product Pricing & Refund Policy

This is absolutely our favorite part and you will soon understand why. Ok, so Provailen comes with 3 different offers:

  • One bottle – $44.95
  • Two bottles – $94.90
  • Three bottles – $149.8

Aside from this, for every 3 bottles purchased, you will also receive one for free. So far so good, but this is not the interesting part. When researching the subject, we had to look through the Provailen official site for the refund policy and we end up concluding that the site only has one page. That is right, Provailen official site does not have any refund policy, no Contact Us page, and no Terms and Conditions. Do not get this wrong, those pages are specified in the bottom of the main page, but you cannot access them. Whenever trying to do so, you will be redirected back to the first page.

This means only one thing and that is: product manufacturer is unreliable and is not in any way trustworthy. This makes Provailen be shady and potentially a scam.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Provailen?

We have had a lot to information to go through and the verdict may not be in favor of Provailen. There are certain things that cannot be ignored and we will break them down as follows:

  • Provailen manufacturer does not offer a full list of ingredients, only claiming that it contains 3.
  • Provailen has some serious side effects to be taken into consideration, but Provailen manufacturer remains silent on the official site. He claims the product has no side effects, although he is blatantly contradicted by dozens of unsatisfied customers.
  • Provailen official site is obviously a wooden board. One main page and nothing else.
  • Provailen official site offers no information regarding the refund policy, the terms, and conditions, or any other useful information that any potential buyer could want.
  • The manufacturer is unknown. We have found that the Provailen manufacturer is actually RDK Global, which seems to be quite a reputed supplement producer, but, aside from the fact that we have never heard of it, the Provailen official site does not reveal this name anywhere on the page. On that one page, it has.

The verdict is ruthless: Provailen is not trustworthy and you should not order it under any circumstance. Provailen manufacturer is unknown, Provailen official site is a dummy and there is no proof that the product is actually efficient. On the contrary, it seems like Provailen comes with a whole package of side effects and, again, this aspect is completely ignored on the Provailen official site. This makes Provailen as dangerous and the manufacturer seems to only care for your money. As the users suggest, the product may affect you in more than one way, and most of them are bad. Our personal advice would be to avoid it and look for alternatives.

Where to buy Provailen from?

We would advise you to avoid purchasing Provailen. However, if you are determined to purchase it and are completely ready to face and deal with the potential side effects that may come with it, feel free to order it using the following link.


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