Dr Gaye Super-Shake Review

What is Dr Gaye Super-Shake?

In our society it has been noticed a rise of overweight related illnesses and more and more people are experiencing these problems on a daily basis. This is mainly due to deficits in our diets. Most people do not really care about the food they eat and this is where problems start. What you eat can impact your health in more than just several ways.

Poor eating diets are responsible for obesity, heart conditions, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems and so on. When encountering these problems, only then people become concerned and start following various medical treatments that are both expensive and can come with a lot of side effects.

They do not realize that it is easier and healthier to prevent those problems, rather than wait for them to appear and settle in and then try and counter them. Dr Gaye Shake is an innovation in the field of healthy diets and it is undeniably obvious that we desperately needed these types of initiatives. Dr Gaye Super-Shake contains few types of diets, each of them aiming to tackle different problems.

How does Dr Gaye Super-Shake Work?

You have to bear in mind one important aspect: Dr Gaye Super-Shake products do not contain grains, gluten, sugar or diary, it is raw, completely unprocessed and, the most important thing of all, they are not meant as meal replacements.

Dr Gaye Shake products are meant to be taken as supplements since they provide the necessary nutrients that your usual diet is missing. The products are all natural and healthy and they will be an important asset in your every day meals.

What are Dr Gaye Super-Shake Benefits?

In order to break down the benefits, we first need to enumerate the main Dr Gaye Super-Shake products and everything will be clearer:

  • Dr Gaye Super-Shake – this is a shake that should be served as a breakfast and it will deliver the nutrients your body needs for the whole day.
  • Dr Gaye Super-Porridge – this supplementary meal consists in a multi-vitamin cocktail and can be taken any hour of the day.
  • Dr Gaye Super-Blend – this is a protein like shake that can be prepared and consumed very fast, in case you have limited time in hands.
  • Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful – it is meant to boost your metabolism and assist in your weight loss efforts.

What are Dr Gaye Super-Shake Ingredients?

This is an interesting part, because Dr Gaye Super-Shake products have no descriptive ingredients label available. When you will look after Dr Gaye Shake supplements and check the preparing suggestions, you will notice that the only ingredients specified are those that you must add yourself in the shale mix, along with the Dr Gaye Shake product.

You can create the shake out of various vegetables and fruits, but you are not informed on the actual ingredients present in the composition of any Dr Gaye Super-Shake products. Which is a bit shady, we will have to admit that.

How to Use Dr Gaye Super-Shake?

The procedure is basically simple and it does not take much to prepare the Dr Gaye Super-Shake meal. Let’s take, for example, a presentation suggestion from their official site. It is called Figgy Pudding and it contains: Dr Gaye Super-Blend, about a teaspoon, cinnamon, nutmeg, figs and almond milk among other several things.

You blend them gently together and you enjoy the final product. It is easy to use and this is the most advantageous aspect of the Dr Gaye Super-Shake meals. Aside from being nourishing, they are also easy to prepare.

Who Should Use Dr Gaye Super-Shake?

It seems like there are no specifications against Dr Gaye Super-Shake general use. Only one thing should be mentioned here. Or two if you like. First of all, you should avoid taking any Dr Gaye Super-Shake if you are a pregnant woman. There is no telling how can these high energy, nutrient rich products can affect your baby, so it is best to keep it safe.

Also, you should avoid giving them to children. This is because most of these products are known to provide high quantity of energy and this is the last thing your kid needs. I think everybody agrees with that.

What you can do, though, if you think your kids really need Dr Gaye Super-Shake supplements, is to give them small portions, like half of those meant for adults. Then you can gradually grow those doses, but up to a certain amount, not more. So, in no case should you give a child an adult Dr Gaye Super-Shake meal.

Does Dr Gaye Super-Shake have any Side Effects?

When talking about your regular adult consumer, no, Dr Gaye Super-Shake has no side effects, or at least they are not stated anywhere. The only ones who will manifest some kind of side effects are children, because they will experience an increase in energy levels and they already have high energy levels. This is the last thing they would need to you may want to avoid giving the supplements to them. Anyone else should be perfectly fine when consuming any of Dr Gaye Super-Shake products.

Product Pricing & Refund Policy

When talking about prices, the products seem pretty affordable. You can find anything between $8 and $80 and it seems like there are a lot of products for all tastes. When talking about the refund policy, the situation is not so bright.

The manufacturer claims that the only products that they are going to refund are those who are sent back unopened or that have factory faults. So, once you have opened the product, you will not benefit from that refund policy.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Dr Gaye Super-Shake?

I really wanted to give a clear and powerful Yes to this, but the situation is not that easy to interpret. The problem is this. The only reviews I was able to find regarding Dr Gaye Super-Shake products were on their official site.

They have few products listed on Amazon, but no one bought any, or if they did, they did not bother to write any reviews. This comes as a minus for the company and, even if the products look solid enough, I would advise to proceed with caution.

Where to buy Dr Gaye Super-Shake from?

If you are interested in getting your fair share of Dr Gaye Super-Shake, feel free to fill in the ordering form below.


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