Essential daily vitamins for men

There are a lot of things that converge in keeping an organism healthy and running and among the most important thing is your alimentation. But people wrongfully believe that it is important that you eat and not specifically what you eat. This is why a lot of people get in trouble and various food related affections can mess up their lives and some of them are rather dangerous. It is pretty common for a lot of people to develop heart diseases as they get older and this is actually one of the most often causes of death in the US. All major diseases are related to poor diets and this is actually a pretty dangerous aspect, because following a strict diet could be a real pain. The crucial aspect that everybody seems to ignore is the fact that there are nutrients and vitamins that can take care of your health a lot better than any other shady supplement, yet most people would opt for those instead of the easy way. Because vitamins are certainly the easy way to go. They are safe and efficient and you body usually takes them for your alimentation. But there are cases when not everybody can assimilate the same quantity of vitamins as others do. Many do not even get to assimilate them at all. That is when vitamin deficiencies may occur and the side effects can pose a great danger for your health. This could be for various reasons, either due to an unhealthy lifestyle, or because they manifest some sort of genetic disability that could lead to one’s organism to fail in processing the right amount of one vitamin or essential nutrient. In most cases the affected individuals will find themselves in the unwanted position of not being to process the required amount of nutrients and their organism will eventually feel the difference. There is a need for more balanced diets and people need to start learning which are the essential vitamins for a healthy body to remain in that state. So here they are:

Vitamin B6

B6 is a vitamin that takes on different processes in your body and can combine its effect with other B vitamins and many of your body’s processes are under the strict supervision of B6. When combined with magnesium, B6 is known to assist against kidney stones and, aside from fighting the affection, it will also provide you body with the capacity to prevent it from ever coming back. But this is not all it does. Actually, vitamin B6 will provide you with plenty of benefits, especially when combined with B12 and folic acid. This means that you will get assistance if fighting various affections such as: macular degeneration, blood vessel diseases, dementia, depression, brain problems, cardiovascular diseases and bone structure’s affections. When aiming to improve your B6 vitamin intake, you can easily find it in foods such as: potatoes, fortified cereals, bananas, garbanzo greens, beef and chicken meat, grains and many other products.

Vitamin B9

This is also known as folic acid and this is a key nutrient for your health. There is probably no other vitamin that will have similar effects and benefits over your system. Overall, it will increase your body’s efficiency of fighting heart diseases and will help your system to properly develop its defensive capacities and will improve your nervous system and your red blood cells. However, we need to mention this aspect here, because it is extremely important. It has been shown that folic acid has a major role to play in prostate cancer and not in a good way. That is right. This vitamin will actually cause you to develop prostate cancer. But there is one catch. This is only true when you will start consuming supplements. This is because your body does not need that much folic acid for it to be healthy and when you will go for supplements you will put yourself in the danger’s path, because you will be risking an overdose. This is why you should rather improve your natural diet, and get the vitamins strictly from your food, instead of wasting your health on supplements. However, this does not mean that vitamin supplements will cause you cancer. Rather, they will increase the risk of developing it. Next time, ignore this alternative.

Vitamin B2

It is also called riboflavin, or the energy vitamin and it is essential in a man’s diet. There is one thing you need to have in mind and that is the fact that B-complex vitamins all work together and you cannot separate one from the other when analyzing the effects. Riboflavin is known to have an important addition in blood flow increase, which means that more oxygen and valuable nutrients will reach your important organs. Combine that with the fact that it will increase your metabolism and you will understand why most bodybuilders use it when looking to increase their muscular mass. The best thing about this vitamin is the fact that it is almost impossible to get an overdose. This is due to the fact that riboflavin is quickly excreted when the necessary dose has been reached.

Vitamin E

The problem with vitamin E is the fact that it is a fat vitamin and the excess will remain in your body for longer periods of time. Another problem is that this vitamin can be found in a lot of products so you need to pay attention to what exactly you eat, or you will lose track of it and you will be sorry later. However, the good part is that it is one of the most important antioxidants and will successfully help you fight against all sorts of heart diseases and cancer. It is also used in the beauty industry because it is known to help your skin look healthier and younger and this is something that everybody wants, whether we are talking about men or women. You can always go for supplements but this is only something you should do in the most aggravated cases. In general, taking your vitamin E dose from the food you eat should be more than enough. Also, pay attention if you are on any medication, no matter how light and always consult your personal health specialist, because vitamin E can even interfere with drugs that you might be using.

Vitamin A

Do you have eye problems of any kind? Then this should be your savior. Vitamin A will definitely provide you with assistance, especially since this is a problem that everybody encounters once they reach advanced ages. We will all get there eventually and that is when a nutrient like Vitamin A could prove itself priceless. There are a lot of sources you can find it in, such as: eggs, milk, carrots, spinach and apricots and many others. The best thing about this important vitamin is that it is pretty hard to overdose, because your body has a high tolerance to it.

Vitamin B3

Commonly known as niacin, this vitamin is closely related to B12 and it is an important addition in a man’s diet for many reasons. One of the most important aspects is that vitamin B3 is responsible for lowering your blood cholesterol levels and this is an asset that can make the difference between life and death. As you may know, high levels of cholesterol are responsible for some of the most dangerous affections such as stroke, heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. It goes without saying that it is extremely important for your health. Aside from these aspects, niacin is also essential in providing assistance against skin conditions, hair loss, eyes and liver affections. Men especially should be excited to find out that this particular vitamin is responsible for diminishing the hair loss process as you begin aging. You can find it in all sorts of products like, whole wheat, grains and almonds, but not all of these contain the right amount that your body needs, so you should consider taking supplements in order to improve your health.

Vitamin B12

What is different about this vitamin is that it is not completely understood and not many people actually know what it does. There are, however, known effects associated with Vitamin B12 deficiency and these consist in fatigue, short of breath and even anemia in many cases. This makes is particularly important for your organism’s health and everybody should consider it in their diet. There is one thing worth mentioning here. This type of vitamin is found especially in aliments such as salmon, tuna, eggs and cheese and this is an obvious problem for vegetarians and vegans, because B12 is extremely hard to find in vegetables. It is why this category of people is the one experiencing the most often deficiencies and this means that they will be forced to get it from supplements.

Vitamin C

Only mentioning this name and people will immediately know about it. Vitamin C is the most known vitamin in the world and its benefits are more than just a few. It provides you with plenty of benefits among which we need to mention: antioxidant for bone structure, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and cell membrane and this can prove to be priceless for those who tend to do workouts on a regular basis. You remember that when you were little you used to take Vitamin C as to counter flu and cold symptoms. As a matter of fact, Vitamin C is actually quite effective against these affections and the main thing that influences this is the fact that it strengthens your immune system. There is no point in actually enumerating all the products that contain Vitamin C, especially since it can be found in so many of them. Fruits and vegetables are full of this potent nutrient.

Vitamin K

We must say that this type of vitamin is one that is not as common as others, but its reputation began building up lately. Its main impact is in strengthening your bone structure and this can be a true asset when talking about unwanted things such as fractures and even some types of cancers. Aside from this, Vitamin K can prevent the additional calcium buildup and this means that it will protect your blood vessels. You can take it from various food sources such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli and fermented cheese and you can even go for supplements if you do not find these appealing enough.

Vitamin D

There is no way that you did not hear about the sunshine vitamin. It is the only vitamin that also gets inside your body from other sources than foods and the reason that is called this way is because it is manufactured by your body after sun exposure. However, this may seem like there is no way you could ever find people with vitamin D deficiency, right? Well, wrong. It seems like more than 60% of the people suffer from one form or another of vitamin D deficiency and this is the main factor for obesity, diabetes, heart attack, muscle weakness, and stroke among other affections. You will have a difficult time if you lead a sedentary life and do not go out that much. That means that your vitamin D levels will significantly decrease and you will have a lot of problems to deal with. If we talk about food sources, we need to mention: fatty fish, fortified milks and cereals as the top vitamin D providers.

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