How probiotics help you losing weight?

Nowadays many people are struggling with weight and overweight. Not only women have this problem, it applies to children and men. This is a serious process which should be approached delicately and carefully. Most people make the mistake to be fixed on how to lose weight, rather than to build a healthy diet. The idea is to focus on useful things to watch what is working well on your body and to avoid foods that trouble your stomach.

Are you trying to lose weight?

Painful diets, fitness programs and even mistrustful drugs … You can give up all of this and bet on probiotics. Japanese scientists are positive that people who take probiotic supplements for at least 12 weeks will get rid of extra weight and achieve the desired body. The researchers made a survey among 100 people with obesity and body mass index over 25. It turned out that after the prolonged intake of probiotics most of them reduced their body weight by 4.6% and their waist decreased by 1.8 cm.

Body mass index is a measure of the ratio between height and weight. Anyone can calculate its index by dividing your weight (in kilograms) of height (in meters) and squared it. The resulting value is your body mass index. The normal values are between 18 and 25. Over 25 means obesity, and over 30 – serious health problems.

According to the Japanese scientists everyone can reach the ideal weight if they take the necessary amount of probiotics, eat healthier and move regularly. Probiotics are live microorganisms which have a particularly beneficial effect on health. They support the digestive process and strengthen the immune system.

Many factors can lead to the destruction of the intestinal microflora and the accumulation of toxins and diseases. Some of these factors are stress, sugar, refined carbohydrates, antibiotics, fluoride, chloride, and much more.

The probiotics are the ones who manage to restore the balance of intestinal microflora. Probiotics help strengthen the immune system and health status.

If you add probiotics to your daily menu, your digestive system will work much better and you will keep it balanced. Among other things, probiotics protect us from digestive disorders and intestinal complaints. When taking probiotics, you will be carried out the harmful substances and and help the proper functioning of your  intestinal system, which will help you control weight.

Washington University has made a number of studies which show that certain gut bacteria may be responsible for the way some people accumulate nutrients such as fat, while others use them as a source of energy.

Please remember that probiotics are not a replacement of the regular meals. And also do not expect to achieve the desired results in weight loss, only with their consumption. Only with healthy diet and little exercising, probiotics will help you reach faster results.

Probiotics speed up the metabolism and regulate the nervous system. Also are helping to prevent conditions such as diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating. Probiotics can improve the immune system, give you strength and energy for more physical exercise and most importantly – protect your stomach!

Probiotics are found in most yogurts and drinks based on yogurt. They are found in many other foods that can be found in the stores and are widely advertised.

The probiotics for weight loss can also help the functioning of the thyroid gland, which controls the digestive system. This is especially useful for people who have thyroid problems and want to lose some weight.

If you decide to take probiotics as part of your diet for weight loss, you should always use the most effective combination of probiotics, which create an environment in which the yeast cannot live. The probiotics for weight loss sold in capsules should be kept in a cool place to avoid the “extinction” of beneficial organisms and to keep their healthy functions.

Correct Food Combining

To restore the beneficial microflora you need to neutralize toxins and free your body from them. This can be achieved if you start to combine food. For example, do not mix meat with bread and potatoes. If you ate a soup or a dish of meat with vegetables, you can afford only after an hour or two a cup of tea with muffin or biscuit. It is useful to spend 1-2 days a week for unloading diet – eat apples or vegetables may or when you are hungry drink more fluids.

You have to start with fruits and vegetables rich in pectin – baked apples, for example, are a good source of pectin. Another good option is a mixture of beets, apricots, figs and prunes – 100 gr in the morning on an empty stomach.

Depending on the degree of dysbacteriosis, the type of noxious organisms and associated diseases of the gastrointestinal tract you can use different enzyme preparations. With the correct intake, the body gradually will begin to produce its own enzymes, which will help for any disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

Count on apples and juice from carrots and beets

Each person can “raise” a useful microflora. To restore the normal digestion, you could start your day with drinking a glass of apple or pumpkin juice on an empty stomach. Celery and beets should be every day part of your diet, because they are good stimulators of the bacterial balance in the body.

You only need to cook and use them properly. For example, the beet juice should be drunk immediately after pressing. It can be cooled in the refrigerator and drink maximum in one hour. Generally, for avoiding dysbiosis, you should eat only freshly cooked food.

Food allergies have increased by 20% in developed countries over the last decade, the main causes are overuse of antibiotics, high-fat and low-fiber diet, reduced exposure to infectious diseases and formula feeding.

In short, it is clear that the probiotics, determine a better intestinal environment. Other options for the taking probiotics in a natural way, without supplements are:

  • eating yogurt every day – it is well known what contains probiotics. Yogurt is the best known source of probiotics – good bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria maintain the healthy balance in your stomach.
  • cheeses enriched with probiotics
  • try the drink kefir – kefir has its own probiotic bacteria, plus several additional variations.
  • eat sauerkraut – choose sauerkraut which is rich of beneficial bacteria. Sauerkraut is charged with vitamins that protect against infections and stimulate the immune system.
  • try tempeh – it is made on the basis of fermented soybeans. This product comes from Indonesia and contains natural antibiotics that fight certain type of bacteria. Tempeh is very rich in protein. Its flavor is described as smoky, nuts and spongy like. Tempo can be marinated and used in dishes instead of meat.

Another way to increase healthy bacteria in the body is to eat foods that feed them (so called Prebiotics). Such good foods are bananas, garlic, onion, wheat, etc. In general, plant foods rich in fiber (and oligosaccharides), support the beneficial bacteria because they are prebiotics. On the other hand, a diet rich in meat is more likely to insert toxic degradation products, as well as to prevent the passage of food through the intestines.

You should be able to see the useful and healthy food and rely on the signals of your body. Everyone wants to be healthy and look good! The components to achieve this are many, and so is the road to it. Try to live in balance.

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