How to improve heart health for intense physical effort

The number one cause of death in the world is heart disease. Who could have guessed it, right? But where does this come from and how can we avoid that? The most important thing is that we should keep a strong physique and to improve our heart health by any means necessary. This organ is the engine of the entire body and it has an important role to play: it pumps blood throughout the entire organism and when it begins to malfunction the entire system will soon collapse.

If you are looking for a culprit here, let me enlighten the path for you. The number one most well known enemy in these cases is a sedentary lifestyle. Combine this with a poorly balanced diet and you will see why this is awful for your heart health. Looking to improve our heart health should be our number one priority, but, unfortunately, not everybody thinks that way. This is why most people have a precarious heart health and will end up experiencing a wide variety of problems when they will get older.How can we avoid that? There is no simple answer to this question. Or, if you like, the answer is simple, but applying it in practice is what gets you. There are basically two things you can do to improve hearth health:

  1. A balanced diet and a more active lifestyle
  2. Food supplements for heart health

Following these two apparently simple steps should provide you with an improved hearth health for longer periods of time. Studies have shown that consistent physical activity can significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is a major aspect to be taken into consideration, because heart diseases and stroke are the leading causes of death in the United States, with heart disease being number one. Going for an exercise program of only 30 minutes every day will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, extend the lifespan and promote a stronger heart health.

The official recommendations suggest that everybody should engage in regular physical activity for an improved heart health. The specifications contain several categories, divided by age and the priority is heart health:

Children under the age of 5

Believe it or not, heart health should be promoted starting with birth. Even children under the age of 5 should be encouraged to engage in regular exercises as these will strengthen their bodies and will promote a stronger and healthier body. Since they have a lot more energy to spend, they should go through 3 hours of daily physical activity.

Children between 5 and 18 years of age

This is when the physical activity becomes more important than before. Promoting heart health should be the number one priority around this age, because it is now that this organ is strengthened for a later date. Moderate and even intense physical workouts should prevail for up to several hours every day for an optimal heart health. The minimum is 60 minutes, though, and the best way to do it is to alternate the mild sessions with the more vigorous ones over the course of a week. This will promote heart health, stronger bone structure and a healthier and more energetic body.

Adults between 19 and 64 years of age

The sessions will gradually diminish in intensity and consistency, but, for the sake of heart health, they should not go away. It is recommended that, for a proper heart health and an impeccable physical condition, the activity should go for 30 minutes every day, at least 5 days a week. Again, you can easily alternate low intensity cardio with high intensity body workouts over the course of several days for a proper heart health. However you will do it, one thing is for sure: the goal is a stronger organism and an infallible heart health.

Adults age 65 or older – Heart health is a must

The lesson here is that you should never give up and always go for hearth health. No matter how old you get, the quest for heart health should never cease. This is the period where the danger of becoming sedentary is the greatest, which is why special measures have to be taken. This is because around the age of 70, the physical capabilities begin to drop and not everybody will be able to engage in regular exercises. However, looking for heart health every day of the week, some efforts have to be made. Any physical activity is better than nothing and the more the body strengthens itself, the better. Heart health at its finest.

As you can see, there are no two ways about it. The specifications are clear and unambiguous. If you want to live a longer, healthier life and stay safe from all types of health issues, you have to take care of yourself while you can. A rock solid heart health is necessary in order to avoid a premature death, because no one wants that.

This is extremely important, especially since the exercises performed on a regular have more benefits than just to improve heart health. Among the many benefits related to an active lifestyle we need to mention:

  • Lower risk of developing coronary heart disease
  • Lower risk of experiencing a stroke
  • Regulates the cholesterol levels
  • Balances the blood pressure
  • Lower risk of developing any form of Diabetes
  • Keeps the weight under control, as more fat is being burnt
  • Strengthens the bone structure and prevents future joint problems
  • Significantly reduces the risk of contracting cancer
  • Supports mental and heart health
  • Promotes a general well-being and a healthier lifestyle

But in some cases, doing daily exercises may not suffice when trying to improve heart health. In these cases, you will need a leg up to help you get in business and improve heart health. There are tons of supplements currently on sale, each claiming to offer plenty of benefits. But you are only interested in those promoting primarily the heart health, because this is the area that interests us. Here are two of the most useful food supplements you can go for when looking for assistance:

Nucific CI-X3

This is probably the oldest and most well known trademarks on the internet linked to heart health. The manufacturer is called Nucific and it has been activating on the food supplements market for several years now. Nucific CI-X3, however, is a new and improved formula designed to assist you in losing more weight during the physical endeavors. It comes as a result of years of investigation and it relies on previous formulas released on the market. If you are trying to improve heart health and remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible, then this is the one for you.


This is less of a weight loss product and more of a medicine, sort of speak. Midogen is made out of entirely natural ingredients and its main purpose is to fight against free radicals and promote heart health. These are molecules being released in the body as the aging process unveils, but there are also other sources from which they can come. The heart health is strictly related to a body clear of free radicals and toxins and this means that Midogen is exactly what you need. This improved formula is known to counter the pathogens, activate the body’s natural defensive systems and prevent further cellular damages in the future. It is both an anti-aging supplement and a heart health promoter, among other many aspects.

Usually, not many people will put a price on heart health. They tend to believe that, only since they have been healthy for their entire life, they will remain so forever. But they will realize that this is not the case and when they will, it will already be too late. The proper time for measures is as soon as possible, so promote your heart health as often as you can. There is nothing but benefits to be gained.

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