Improve efficiency for cortical process

When it comes down to multitasking, humans have limited abilities. We are able to perform normally until we are being put in the situation where we need to accomplish multiple tasks at once. The human cortical process is not designed to sustain many tasks at the same time and this inability becomes even more obvious as we age and the brain slowly becomes deteriorated.

It all comes down to our cerebral cortex, a section of the brain only developed in humans and other mammals. This section is important in regulating the efficiency of any potential cortical process, like: attention, processing, memory, thought, language, awareness, and consciousness and it is between 2 to 4 millimeters thick for humans.

The brain is probably the most sensitive organ, because the entire body works in keeping it working in peak conditions. This is why, regardless of what cortical process we would be talking about, brain’s health is essential for the health of the entire organism. A significant improvement of any cortical process is something we should all be looking for, especially when taking into consideration the fact that with age, our brain’s activity and efficiency will gradually deteriorate.


There are 3 main cortical areas you should take into account:

Sensory area

Researchers have shown that mind games and puzzles have the role to stimulate the neural circuit and promote a healthier cortical process, especially in the older people. This is an effective way of preventing the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease, among other illnesses.

Constant physical exercises for a healthier and more effective cortical process

When engaging in regular physical activity, the body will release hormones and a chemical substance known as irisin. This substance is crucial in enhancing the productivity of the cortical process and protecting neurons from degeneration caused by free radicals along the way.

Avoid stress as much as possible

When you are being exposed to daily doses of stress, the body will release excessive cortisol, damaging neurons and causing the cortical process to malfunction on the long term. The cortisol released in excess is the one responsible for causing an increase in the levels of myelin. This is probably the main cause for an imbalanced cortical process and the development of emotional disorders after some time. Engaging in meditation, for instance, will teach you how to control your emotions, avoid stress and completely avoid this unwanted process altogether.

Get enough sleep – Improved cortical process

Without sleep the brain will soon lose all of its abilities and will immediately begin to malfunction. Not getting enough sleep on a daily basis can even result in death in the more severe cases. Try and get enough rest during the night and you will help the brain regenerate and the cortical process will be greatly improved.

Improve the social life

Several studies have shown that those who do not have a well-developed social life could eventually develop certain cognitive inefficiencies. Among these we need to mention a poor functioning of the cortical process, sleep disorders, depression, hypertension and even increased cortisol levels. Be more sociable, make connections and your cortical process will be working at its peak again.

Get brain supplements

This is probably an essential step towards a flawless and efficient cortical process. There are certain brain food supplements known to be extremely effective in increasing the cognitive functioning, thus, allowing the cortical process to develop under optimal circumstances. We have done our research and found out that there is one supplement in particular being sold all over the internet, proven to be highly useful in improving the functionality of the cortical process. It is called NooCube. NooCube is a type of nootropic combining highly effective natural ingredients in one extremely potent formula.

The latest studies have shown that NooCube improves the overall brain functionality, the cortical process, and the neural communications. Also, it will significantly reduce brain degradations, will protect this organ against the harmful effects of the free radicals and will greatly increase the efficiency of the cortical process, as well as with all the cognitive processes.

As we age, there are a lot of chemical and biological processes taking place in our bodies and our goal should be to keep them at a minimum for as long as possible. In other words, this means to postpone aging. The brain is a sensitive organ, which we need to protect by all means necessary. Take care of your cortical process, stay safe and do whatever it takes to protect the brain. ‘Nuff said!


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