Most important vitamins and minerals

Having a balanced diet is more important than you might think. Let’s say you want to get in shape and this is not merely something that you can take lightly, because you are in danger of developing some unwanted health problems if you don’t. This is because weighing more than you should could impact your life in ways that you do not even want to think about. I mean there is a whole industry based on helping people to lose weight in a healthy and efficient way. And when I am talking about this aspect, I do not only take into account gym workout machines that sell for big bucks, but also about food supplements and everything in between. If you are not a professional sportsman, then you may not know that the number one thing that you should take into account when aiming to lose weight is the diet. There is nothing more important that this, because the way you eat will have a definitive impact on your future performances. But a well balanced diet is also something that a regular individual can benefit from and this is due to one simple fact: more and more people develop all sorts of diseases and serious affections because they lack a certain nutrient in their diets or, on the contrary, they end up overdosing with one. And this is all because the large majority of the people are “food-illiterate”. Regardless whether you workout or simply doing daily ordinary tasks, you body needs the essential nutrients in order to perform flawlessly during the day. The better you eat the healthier you are going to be and this is finally the ultimate goal, because without health you have nothing. So the human body needs two essential things: vitamins and minerals. We will take them one at a time and we will mention the most important of them as we go along.

Based on their solubility, vitamins are divided into two categories: water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. Each of them have different roles in your organism, so let’s break them down piece by piece.

Water soluble vitamins:

Among its many benefits, folic acid is known to be of great help to women who are pregnant, as it assists in the development of the future baby and will prevent any tube birth defects, which makes it priceless for many of those using it. Aside from this, folic acid is also involved in preventing red blood cells to get destroyed and this is the major factor that contributes to keep you away from anemia. Among the most enriched folic acid sources we mention: lentils, asparagus, pinto beans, spinach and many more.

  • Biotin

This is another important vitamin whose role is to move the oxygen through your body and improve your circulatory system. This is one thing that can spare you of a lot of health issues, especially heart and brain conditions. Plus, biotin is the one vitamin that helps the others vitamins becoming more efficient and this makes it a valuable asset in the battle against some of the most dangerous affections that vitamin deficiencies can lead to.

This is one of the most known vitamins in the world for sure. Vitamin C is probably the most potent antioxidant of all and is the key nutrient in fighting cold and flu, especially when your immune system is not that well developed. This means that it is particularly efficient for children and is an essential part of their day to day diet. But there is another important aspect that we should take into consideration. Vitamin C is what keeps your body clean from free radicals. These are unwanted components that enter your body from various sources, such as air pollution, smoking and so on. They can have pretty bad influences on your health and can even cause cancer in some cases. This is what makes Vitamin C an important asset in fighting these radicals out. Vitamin C can also improve the health of your skin, muscles, tendons, cartilages and nervous system.

  • Niacin

This vitamin is also known as Vitamin B3 and it is part of the Vitamin B complex. Aside from assuring the health of your nervous system, this nutrient will also improve your digestive system’s health and can prove itself efficient in fighting even deadly affections such as colon cancer. If you think this is a minor thing, you need to know that a lot of men die of this type of cancer, which makes Niacin a very good component in fighting these problems. You can get it from all sorts of sources like: turkey breast, halibut, tuna and chicken breast.

  • Riboflavin

Vitamin B2 is also extremely efficient in assisting your body successfully acquiring other important nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Aside from these, B2 can also help your skin in becoming healthier and stronger and this makes it highly important in the beauty industry. When looking for this vitamin, you need to take into consideration food sources like calf’s liver and milk and these 2 products alone may provide you with more than your necessary daily dose.

  • Thiamine

Also known as Vitamin B1, this type of vitamin is the number one in providing your system with the much needed energy. It will help your body in improving its rate of assimilating carbohydrates and you will feel more energetic and resilient throughout the day. Thiamine is also the primary source for a healthy and strong nervous system and this is actually quite an essential asset, because as you age this is the first thing that starts going down.

Fat soluble vitamins

Vitamin K is one that should never be absent from your diet. This is because this vitamin is the one that will make sure your blood clots and your wounds will heal a lot faster. When your diet is lacking this nutrient, the situation can become pretty ugly fast. It can even lead to unstoppable hemorrhage and there are a lot of people who experience these problems and this can be easily solvable if they would just supplement their diets with Vitamin K.

This is another vitamin that behaves like an antioxidant and it is crucial to have it in your diet. Just like Vitamin C, this can prove useful in keeping your body healthy and up and running regardless of the physical tests that you would be put through. Among other things, it is also incredibly efficient in repairing your tissues and it is the one tool that will keep your recovery rate at high values.

It is probably the only vitamin that can enter your body by other means that just food. You may have heard the expression “sunshine vitamin” and if you did, now you know what we are talking about. This vitamin is produced by the sunlight when it touches your skin and its main purpose is to aid your organism in absorbing calcium and phosphorus.

This is retinol and it is the only vitamin that can help your vision in such an aggressive way. This is actually the primary function of this vitamin, aside from improving your immune system and strengthening your bone structure.

It is now the time to talk about minerals, because people tend to ignore them most of the times and I am not talking just about the regular individuals, but also about those who are regular practitioners of some type of sport. This is because they are usually focusing their attention on other aspects, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates and they usually place minerals in the low priority zone. Which is kind of unfair to do, because their role in your body is actually essential. This is why we need to raise awareness in people and show them that they should take this aspect seriously. So, here are the essential minerals that your body requires:

  • Phosphorus

Aside Calcium, this mineral is essential for your bones’ health and it should be a vital part of your daily diet. It can help you regardless of whether you are a professional sportsman or not and can protect your teeth, assist in cell repair and protecting against tissue damage. But this is just one part of the advantages. Phosphorus can also work great with the B vitamin complex and this means that it can protect your organs from unwanted additives, while improving your muscular tonus and strength.

Your body constantly creates new cells, because, regardless of your lifestyle, you will lose cells at an alarming rate and it is up to nutrients such as Zinc to replenish the stash. Zinc is also known to improve your immune system and make it more efficient. This means that you will be more protected against various affections.

  • Magnesium

This mineral is the key one in providing your system with excellent muscle and nerve functioning. It is one mineral that you should keep an eye on and never let it go pass you. It is the main nutrient that provides you with high energy levels and it is something we all need on a daily basis.

Everybody is familiar with this mineral and it is no wonder. It is the main component of your red blood cells and is responsible for carrying the oxygen throughout your body. When you lack iron in your meals, you will immediately feel the side effect. In the worst case scenario you can develop anemia and you can even end up dying from it.

There is no other mineral that is more important than this one, especially when talking about small children, whose bone structure is in full development. Also, if you are a professional athlete, then you know how important Calcium is for a healthy and strong body.

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