Most important vitamins to take daily

Today’s health department consists in a lot of shady products that are designed to help you in some way or another, but end up making more harm on the long term. Whether you like to have a fitter and more athletic body or you intend to treat a health problem or even prevent others from happening, you will always have a wide range of products at your disposal to choose from. But people nowadays have forgotten that our body takes most of what it needs to function properly from the food we eat. You can get the right nutrients just by paying attention to what you eat and adjusting your diet accordingly. There is no need to invest money in expensive supplements that may cause you side effects or even allergies of sorts and yet this is what people always do, instead of informing themselves on the best way to become healthier. The solution is far simpler than you might think. Here are the most important vitamins that your body needs in order to keep functioning in high parameters:

B-Complex vitamins

This complex contains 8 essential vitamins and they play major roles in your health. You can get them simply through the food you eat and in most cases you do not need supplements that would provide you with extra amounts of B vitamins, beside what you are already getting from your diet. Here are the benefits that the B-complex vitamins will provide you with:

  • B1 vitamin (also known as thiamine) works along with other B vitamins in breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins and transforming the in energy that your body can use. Thiamine is also known to help your heart’s functioning, your digestive system, your nervous system and assist in muscular growth and health. Without B1 vitamin, you would not be able to produce as many red blood cells or to regulate the production of digestive acid in order to protect your digestive tract.
  • B2 vitamin (or riboflavin) works with thiamine to metabolize carbohydrates and it is an essential vitamin in assisting tissue grow and development. This means that riboflavin plays an important role in improving the health of your hair, skin and nails. Also, your immune system uses B2 vitamin when producing antibodies and this makes it an essential addition to your diet.
  • B3 vitamin or niacin, is another vitamin that is used in the production of energy by your body and, unlike the others, it can provide you with antioxidant properties and help you in hormone secretion and detoxifying processes.
  • B5 vitamin is extremely important in producing anti stress hormones as well as keeping your hair and teguments healthy. B5 vitamin is also useful in enhancing your nervous and immune systems’ optimal functioning.
  • B6 is well known as the insulin producer. Aside from this, it will also play a major role in stimulating the production of red blood cells and improving your nervous and muscular systems’ efficiency. B6 vitamin is extremely important in the production of DNA and RNA.
  • B7, or biotin, is the main producer of energy in your body by breaking down proteins and carbohydrates and, aside from this, it is also an essential component in the formation and balancing the level of glucose, as well as certain amino-acids.
  • B9, also known as folic acid, is the essential ingredient for the developing of your organism, in regard to the cellular division and DNA production processes.
  • B12, just like B9, is essential in DNA formation processes and contributes to the production of red blood cells and keeping your nervous system healthy.

Vitamin A or retinol

The eye vitamin, like it is called, retinol is the main nutrient that will improve your vision as well as keeping your immune system working flawlessly. This goes to show that it is a crucial ingredient in fighting off free radicals as these are only eliminated the easier your immune system is stronger. Also, it is essential in providing your bones with the strength and durability that they need, which will protect you from plenty of unwanted bone affections. Getting old will feel a lot different when having enough Vitamin A in your system.

Vitamin D

Who has not heard of Vitamin D, the well known sunshine vitamin? The main purpose of this vitamin is to provide assistance in the calcium absorption in your body. Some people find it extremely difficult to extract calcium from the food they eat, despite being a pretty common mineral. This is why Vitamin D acts as a catalyst and makes it easier for your organism to process Calcium and phosphorus. You will have a stronger and healthier bone structure and this is an essential aspect in preventing a lot of diseases that can attack your bones.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is the essential antioxidant and it is a key ingredient in providing your body with regenerative capabilities. People may not be aware of this, but you could easily call it an anti-aging nutrient. What is the aging process anyway? Your body starts deteriorating as you age, meaning that you record damages at your cellular level. Vitamin E, when providing regenerative properties, will actually help your body stay younger for more time than if you were not using it.

Vitamin K

This is an essential addition to your diet, because it is the one vitamin that is responsible for your blood’s clothing. When having a Vitamin K deficiency, things can degenerate pretty fast. One small cut and everything will get out of control in an instant. A hemorrhage is never too far away which makes Vitamin K an important addition to your diet.

You are used to consume a lot of supplements in order to improve your health? Things are actually much simpler than you may think. You are able to remain healthy for longer and prevent a lot of diseases simply by paying attention to what you eat. Next time go for the healthier solution

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