A new cancer treatment is said to have been discovered

Newly discovered compound looks like a promising cancer treatment

When talking about a new cancer treatment, people are often skeptical, because nothing we have in the present is 100% effective. Various types of cancers are more aggressive and dangerous than the others and, despite the large pallet of treatment methods, none is 100% effective against all of them. Radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery are only partly effective and they also come with sometimes severe side effects as a plus.

Chemotherapy, for instance, is used to destroy the invading cells and it does so pretty effectively, which is one of the reasons for why it is adopted worldwide as the most used cancer treatment. The major problem is that, along with the malign cells, it also attacks the healthy ones. As a result, it causes a lot of unwanted and dangerous side effects, making many people fear it.

However, a new compound has been discovered by the scientists, that is believed to cut down the supply of the cancer cells, attacking the disease at its very roots. The cancer cells grow by relying on one essential protein called MCL1, which is exactly what this new cancer treatment targets. According to the findings, this new molecule, called S63845 is a cancer treatment that deals precisely with the MCL1 protein.

What it actually does is to cut down the supply of the cancerous cells, by blocking the production of MCL1, causing the malign cells to „starve”. What is even more important is the fact that this cancer treatment appears to be effective for approximately a quarter of all the cancer types known.

What are the implications?

Unlike mild infections, which our immune system can quickly overcome and take down the intruders, cancerous cells are different in nature, because they spread faster than our biological defensive system. This renders the system unable to deal with the threat properly, leading to the infestation of the entire organism.

Until now, the real problem is that the cancerous cells were relying on the MCL1 protein to multiply and overcome a healthy organism. Which is exactly what S63845 deals with now. Even more, one of the essential aspects of this newly developed cancer treatment is that it can be used in safe concentrations, allowing it to still have the desired effect, but without harming the healthy cells.

When compared to the already available treatments, this cancer treatment seems particularly promising. The only impediment is that, at least for now, the cure is only in preliminary stages. Several other tests are needed before beginning the human trials, but what is important is that the method definitely shows great promise.

Although for now, the tests have been conclusive to only a quarter of the cancer types known to man, scientists are confident that the new cancer treatment will prove to be equally effective against all types in the future. Which is good news for all those looking for an effective remedy.

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