NooCube Reviews – Does it work or scam?

What is Noocube?

Noocube Review: If you have ever heard of nootropics, then you will understand what Noocube is a lot easier. Nootropics are also called smart drugs and for a good reason. It turns out that these substances are known to improve your brain’s functioning capacity, enhance, cognitive processes, memory, creativity and inventiveness, and many of the executive processes. The term “nootropic” was placed by Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian chemist and since then the sales of products containing these powerful substances have exceeded $1 billion worldwide in 2015 alone. Also, the trend is on a growing rampant and it is no wonder if we think about it.

Due to our excessively passive lives and our poor diets our bodies will start malfunctioning in many aspects. Our digestive system will become sluggish and lazy, our circulatory system will slow down and we will start accumulating fat cells at an increasingly alarming rate. But the most important aspect of all is our brain health. Among all of the other organs, our brain is the most affected because it is the one asking for the highest amount of resources.

Now we are reaching to the important part and this is an important one to remember. Since our brain will gradually slow down, you will find yourself into more unpleasant situations that you have ever hoped to be in. Due to the conditions you are subjecting your brain to, the immediate side effect will be the fact that you will start experiencing premature brain aging. In other words, your brain’s condition will quickly decay and it will age before its time. That is when you will notice the aftermath. You will find it more and more difficult to stay focused for more than couple of minutes, your thinking process will be significantly slowed down, your cognitive processes will lose their efficiency and your short and long term memory will begin to malfunction. We all know how upsetting these symptoms can be and while there are certain foods designed to increase your brain’s health, as well as the efficiency of your cognitive processes, we all know how slow the entire process really is.

But this is not all. When your brain will begin to act slower, your entire body will suffer the consequences. This is because this organ is responsible for the functionality of your entire organism. This makes it a priority and everybody should consider it as such. Now we are getting to the most important question. What is Noocube? This supplement has been designed as a powerful and innovative nootropic meant to increase your brain’s efficiency. This actually means that Noocube works as a health supplement and could practically improve the quality of your life.

But there is one essential aspect linked to Noocube efficiency that may recommend it as one of the best supplements on the market. Aside from the fact that Noocube seems to work as a natural brain booster, it also does one more thing your brain will be grateful for: it will slow down the aging process at a cellular level. This only works at the brain level, of course. But is this an essential aspect? Yes, because the aging process can affect your brain more than any other organ and it has been discovered that the more you age the higher the risk of contracting some serious brain diseases. Not only that the aging process will lower your immune system and will dumb down your brain’s natural protective capacity, but it will also affect it by altering the internal processes and modifying its structure. For a better understanding, here are the most crucial side effects of the aging process, your brain will be fighting with:

The loss of neural circuits and a decrease in brain plasticity

This is one aspect that Noocube claims to improve. Brain plasticity is a notion explaining your brain’s capacity to alter its structure and functioning according to the environmental and biological factors. As the aging process advances, a lot of chemical and biological changes will be visible in your brain. The synapses will begin to malfunction and when combining this with the neuronal death, the cognitive processes will start to decline fast. The product can revert these processes up to a certain degree and, according to the official claims, it is designed to protect your brain from further damage.

The gradual thinning of the cortex

This has only recently been discovered as various researchers have suggested that the aging process affects the gray matter density in the posterior temporal cortex. That is the brain area responsible for language, so you can see why Noocube is being considered as a valid option in reducing the aging side effects.

A decrease in dopamine, serotonin and glutamate production

I mean that you will no longer be able to experience pleasure at same levels as you did when you were younger. Another important aspect is that lacking the proper amount of glutamate has been linked to a whole range of brain diseases. This product is considered to protect your brain and prevent it from losing its efficiency in processing dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate.

Orientation deficiencies

This term explains the self-awareness in relation to the environment and it is more easily defined as one’s capacity to perceive time, location and individuals. As the aging process unveils, you will gradually fail in being able to have a sense of orientation like any normal younger person would. It is one of the aspects that validate Noocube as a desirable brain booster.

Attention decay

It is one of the most common brains aging side effects. The human brain has limited resources and possibilities and this is why it uses selective attention. That means that your brain will highlight the important elements and fade out the others for a better cognitive assimilation. Since this ability will decrease with age, using a product like Noocube could counter the side effects pretty easily.

Memory alteration

There are many types of memories that have been identified so far: episodic, working, strategic, semantic, non-declarative and source spatial and studies have shown that memory is particularly vulnerable of being affected by the age decline. Using nootropics like Noocube could reverse this process and improve your memory on a long term basis.

Genetic alterations

There are changes to occur at a genetic level in your brain after you reach a certain age. Starting with 40 and climbing up, there are obvious genetic alterations to be taken into consideration and the oxidative DNA damage is the one responsible for the unwanted side effects. Noocube prevents and fights against these problems, making your brain healthier and delaying the aging process altogether.

As you can see, there are plenty of biological and physiological changes related to the aging process and the more you ignore them the more drastic will become. While aging is not an option but a state of fact, it is needless to say that we are not able to delay it indefinitely yet. This means that we have to fight with what we got and what we have today is Noocube, among other similar products.

Considering these facts, what is Noocube after all? Noocube is a brain booster that has been proven to protect your brain against the aging process, reverse some of the side effects, delay and postpone for as long as possible age related brain damages and sharpen your brain’s capabilities. Provided that the official claims are true, the product is both an anti-aging product and an effective brain booster, working in enhancing your brain’s biological resources.


How does Noocube Work?

If you have carefully read the aging side effects, then you will understand exactly how Noocube will help your brain. Since this is a natural and effective product, it goes without saying that any potential side effects are pretty unlikely, to say the least. The Noocube formula has been designed to cope with the aging effects and while it will certainly avoid and delay some of them, it will also prevent your brain from developing some pretty destructive brain diseases on the long run. Noocube powerful ingredients will keep you in peak condition and will offer your brain the right nutrients to stay sharper and healthier for longer.

The working process is pretty simple actually. The product will take effect in about 30 to 40 minutes since the first administration and this is something completely new indeed. Every other product, regardless of the category it is in, will start making a noticeable effect after a couple of weeks or even 1 or two weeks of daily usage. The fact that Noocube has such a powerful effect, at least according to the official claims, is that recommends Noocube as an important brain supplement. There is also another thing that seems to be particularly important. In the case of other brain boosters, you will have to combine them with other brain boosting effective methods like daily physical exercise and a balanced and healthy diet. Unlike those types of products, Noocube seems to work on its own and it needs to additional processes to increase its efficiency. All you have to do is to take one pill every day and you will immediately feel the effects. This is something truly innovative because it will help you realize whether Noocube is working or not. You do not have to wait for weeks or months before you would be able to tell, which makes it quite desirable actually.

What are NoocubeBenefits?

There is probably no other category of products providing you with more benefits than a brain booster will. This is because the brain is such an important and sensitive organ and the aging process will affect it more than it affects other organs. Noocube seems to be an effective and highly powerful product, especially when considering the fact that it takes effect after 30 minutes since administration. The benefits that Noocube will be providing you with are equally important. The good thing about Noocube is that it seems to be equally effective in older people just like it is when administered to younger individuals. The most important Noocube benefits are:

Noocube boosts brain functioning

Remember those days when you are simply too tired to even think? Everything seems exhausting and you would rather stay in bed and stare at a wall than do anything involving getting up or putting your mind to work. This is because your brain’s functionality is a bit lazy. Using Noocube will take away that feeling and you will have nothing to worry about the entire day. It seems like Noocube will boost your brain’s overall ability to process information and you will feel sharper and more energic.

Noocube enables a better communication

The inter-human relations are based on respect and decency. At least that is the desired aspect. Noocube will help you becoming more sociable and will enhance your ability to interact with those around you. According to the official specifications, Noocube also has the capability to enable better communication skills.

Noocube improves memory

This has to be the most annoying aging side effect. Lacking the memory stability will drive you into some of the most embarrassing situations ever. Not to mention that you will find it extremely frustrating to start losing things, events and goods due to your poor ability to remember even the simplest things. The Noocube manufacturer claims that Noocube has been proven to improve memory and assist your brain in storing the information more effectively.

Noocube enhances your concentration power

This is something that young people could benefit from, but older ones should take notes also. There are quite a few brain diseases that cause a lack of concentration in subjects and this is where Noocube will make its presence noticed. Noocube will enhance your ability to focus and retain information and this is one aspect that could be particularly essential in our day to day lives.

Noocube increases the mental energy levels

This is where you know you have something good in the hand. As it is said that Noocube will increase your energy levels, we necessarily have to assume that the same thing happens at the brain level. The supplement will provide you with more mental energy throughout the day and you will feel more vivid and filled with energy.

Noocube supports multitasking

What does this mean? It means that Noocube will help your overall body functioning. Aside from protecting your brain from the age-related cell damages, it will also give you more energy and it will offer you the possibility to react effectively and more efficient regardless the situation you are in. With the help of Noocube, you will have more energy in hand, more brain stamina, you will get tired a lot rarer than usual and your cognitive processes will operate in mind conditions. Multitasking at its finest.

Who does not want to have a younger brain? Unfortunately, since the brain is such a sensitive organ, the aging process goes down hard on it and all sorts of side effects will ensue. Having an effective brain booster and protector in hand to give you the necessary assistance could be priceless, but is Noocube such a supplement?

What are Noocube Ingredients?

According to Noocube manufacturer, all of the ingredients forming the supplement formula have been tested and approved. Since they are completely natural and side effect free, it goes without saying that the same claims can be made about the Noocube formula itself. Noocube potency is all about its natural components, so when analyzing its efficiency, the best way to do it is by analyzing the impact of those components on the human organism. Let’s take them one at a time:

Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine

It is also called Alpha GPC and this is a neurotransmitter known to increase the acetylcholine level in your brain. The Alpha GPC works as a messenger, helping your brain cells to communicate to one another and among its roles, we have to mention the improvement of memory, concentration power and learning ability. Latest researches suggest that this Noocube ingredient may be useful in fighting the Alzheimer’s disease, a suggestion backed up by a 2013 study which involved Alzheimer’s patients.

Huperzine A

Noocube also contains a decent quantity of this Chinese club moss plant extract. Huperzine acts as an inhibitor, breaking down acetylcholine and supports the additional production of this neurotransmitter. This goes to show that this Noocube ingredient will support concentration, memory and mental health and just like Alpha GPC, it is also proven to be effective in fighting the Alzheimer’s.

Cat’s claw

This bizarrely named Uncaria tomentose extract can only be found in the Amazon rainforest and it is believed to be a neuroprotective agent. Since it works as an antioxidant, this Noocube component helps your body in repelling free radicals and provides repairing capabilities against the DNA environmental provoked damages. As your brain cells record constant biological damages, your cognitive decline will soon be a reality you will no longer be able to ignore. Using this antioxidant, Noocube can help against the mental breakdown over time and will keep your brain in peak operating conditions.


Another herbal extract, this time coming from India, Bacopa monnieri has been proven quite effective in repairing the brain cell damage and support additional nerve growth along the way. This means that Noocube will improve your brain’s capability to process information, as your neurons will communicate with one another more efficiently and safer. This Noocube herbal extract has been analyzed in regard to its potentially effective effect in fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It will reverse the mental decline with age and will sharpen the cognitive processes you are using on a daily basis.

Oat straw

Oat straw is also called Avena sativa and it is a green oat derivate. This ancient Noocube ingredient has been used in the past as a natural brain booster and since then it is believed to increase the alpha-2 waves in your brain and control and reduce inflammations occurring in the arteries. It is extremely important because it means Noocube will ease the blood circulatory system’s efficiency and since more blood will reach your brain, more oxygen and nutrients will come along with it. In other words, Noocube will enhance your brain’s functionality like no other similar product of its kind.


This Noocube ingredient is a green tea extract being used for ages in relieving stress and stimulating the neurotransmitters. With the help of L-Theanine, Noocube will help you in being more relaxed and safe from any depressive dangers.


This is an amino acid your brain uses to create dopamine. Among its most important roles is the enhancement of mental health, focus, and alertness and it is a key asset to have in stressful and dangerous situations you might find yourself into.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, Noocube ingredients have all been tested by health specialists and approved as effective brain enhancement components.


How to Use Noocube?

The official Noocube site offers all the information you need to know. The ideal way to take this supplement is the consumption of 2 Noocube tablets each day. This is due to the fact that every person has a different neurochemistry and effects may differ significantly from one person to another. After your body will get acquainted with the product effects, you can even increase to dosage to 4 tablets per day, but no more than that. Increasing the dosage beyond this point will backfire, not increase product effectiveness, so stay within the safe limits!

Who Should Use Noocube?

The official Noocube site does not specify anything regarding this aspect, but, taking into consideration other similar products, we were able to compile a list of persons who should not take Noocube under any circumstance.

  • Noocube is not recommended to children under the age of 15
  • Noocube should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women
  • It should not be consumed by patients suffering from various brain conditions, or any other medical affections whatsoever

Other than this, anyone can use Noocube, since its natural formula has been proven to be effective regardless of the patient’s age or body type.

Does Noocube have any Side Effects?

The official Noocube site claims that there are no specific side effects being identified and it seems like Noocube is a safe and proficient formula so far. The large majority of the customer reviews on the internet, provided that there are so few to take into consideration, do not mention anything about any side effects. If Noocube is side effect free or not, it is still unclear, but the evidence sure point towards a negative answer.

Product Pricing & Refund Policy

You can purchase Noocube using 3 marketing options:

  • One Noocube bottle with 60 capsules – $39.60, coming down from $52.81
  • 2 Noocube bottle + 1 free with 180 capsules – $79.20, coming down from $118.81
  • 3 Noocube bottles + 3 free with 360 capsules – $118.81, coming down from $237.61

The third option seems quite interesting, to say the least. Regarding the refund policy, the manufacturer does not provide enough information. All it says is that you will be fully refunded if you are not satisfied with how the product works. It does not offer a time frame or any other useful information. What you get is what you see.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Noocube?

When comparing Noocube with other similar products, the product stands out as an impressive brain boosting formula and the main thing we like about it is that it seems it does so much more than enhance your brain capacities. It seems like Noocube also acts like an anti-aging product and it can also provide you with essential protective and regenerative attributes.

Since it is made out of completely natural and side effect free ingredients, the product appears to be trustworthy and effective. One other thing that adds to its genuine and legitimate image is the fact that it supposes to offer visible effects after just 30 to 40 minutes after usage. This means that you should be able to tell if Noocube works pretty fast and immediately ask for a refund in case it does not. This being said, you have very few to lose but seemingly a ton to gain. We would recommend this product especially since it appears reliable and effective.

Where to buy Noocube from?

In order to get your first Noocube pack, feel free to order it using the link below.


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