How obesity of the parents influence their children

What are the consequences for your children if you are overweight?

Parents with overweight are more likely to have overweight children. This shows the last study of an expert team of nutritionists in the United States.

In the child’s body, the number of fat cells may increase. By the adults, the fat cells can grow only in volume, but not as a number. If the child receives a large number of fat cells at an early age, it will be very difficult to maintain a normal weight into adulthood.

Obesity in recent decades became one of the most dangerous factors for human health. Overweight with all consequences shortens the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The especially dangerous trend is obese parents to have obese children. Bad health of children, along with the lack of healthy eating habits, leads these children of the poor quality of life from an early age.

According to the US study over 40% percent of obese parents have obese children, which is an extremely worrying trend. Currently, family physicians and pediatricians conduct intensive education campaigns for healthy weight and child health.

What are the risks if the mother ignored the advice and recommendations of the doctors?

It has been shown that through nutrition you can influence the expression of certain genes of the fetus. This means that the choice of whether the mother to listen to the advice of the doctor or not will certainly have an impact on the child.

The data indicate that 1 of 4 babies is at risk of developing an allergy. You should be aware that this risk may increase or decrease as a result of eating. It has been proven that the feeding with breast milk until the 6th month, for example, reduces the risk of allergies. Breast milk is best for the baby because food contains the optimal ingredients that baby needs to grow healthy.

They are in the right quantity and are suitable for its age. Moreover, feeding with breast milk is proven to reduce the incidence of various types of infections in infants (digestive, ENT, respiratory). It also protects the baby from allergies (eczema and asthma).

Nutrition of the father to conception also affects the future child

Fetal development depends on feeding both the pregnant woman and the father. This conclusion reached by researchers Canadian university Makgiyl.

In the body of the mother must have enough vitamin B9 contained in leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, and cereals. It is needed against abortions and birth defects.For men is also important the high content of this vitamin have shown experiments with rodents.

Deficiency of vitamin B9 in the diet of men is associated with risks of birth defects of the baby in the development of the spine, facial defects such as scaled jaw, underdeveloped fingers and bow legs. The fat and overweight men who eat unhealthy can not effectively absorb vitamin B9. This affects the quality of their semen.

Sperm store the history of nutrition and development of the man. Obese babies often become obese adults. Doctors claim that there is a direct relationship between the weight of newborn, the weight in childhood and that in the mature life.

Very often parents do not pay enough attention to babies and young children when they are more fluffy or overweight. We can often hear “They will grow.” This in most cases is usually completely false. Recent studies in the UK show that 70% of people who were obese as children remain such as adults.

There are still parents who think that a chubby baby is a healthy baby. Actually, this is not true. Babies who are overweight often turn to adults with diabetes and hypertension.

It is important to pay attention to the weight gain of the mother, during pregnancy. Often this is a key moment in the child’s weight. Excessive nutrition during pregnancy can lead to birth-obese.

Can a child of parents with overweight be skinny and vice versa?

It is possible, even it is very common to see parents with normal weight, whose children are overweight. Unfortunately, if the cells have “bad memories” the fight in life becomes extremely difficult.

This is the main goal – to convince the mother that every decision has its consequences. It is important to have a balanced menu. It includes all the essential building blocks needed by the body for proper growth and development – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is not needed all adults and children necessarily to be very slim. We all want our children to be healthy.

Do you need to eat for two?

During pregnancy, you need extra nutrients to ensure your health and the health of the baby.

This does not mean that you should eat twice the amount of food.

It is recommended to increase dietary intake only by about 300 Kcal. For example, a medium-sized baked potato contains 120 Kcal. Make sure that you don’t restrict the dietary intake during pregnancy, because you need certain amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals, vital for proper nutrition of the fetus.

Low-calorie intake can lead to increased production of ketones in the body. They are found in blood and urine of the mother and are a sign of starvation the body and lack of nutrients. Increased production of ketones can lead to mental retardation of the fetus / child.

Finally, remember that weight gain is inevitable, even necessary during the nine months of pregnancy. Thanks to this the baby inside you grows and develops normally as taking from you all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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