Probiotics for Candida Cleanse

What is Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans is a nasty fungus or yeast, it is the same as athlete’s foot or jock itch, but its presence or abundance in your intestine or digestive track is very annoying and can escalate to a real problem if it is not taken care of.

Candida is a fungus or yeast that is part of the flora of our digestive system, it is a necessary element used for specific purposes in the body. It is usually kept under control by other microorganisms and the pH levels in the stomach.

When it starts to reproduce and take procession of your intestine it can cause a series of problems that you will have to deal with very fast. Some of these are extreme fatigue, weight gain without you even changing your regular diet, pain in your joints and the worst and most embarrassing, smelly gases.

If left alone the fatigue and pain may reach extreme degrees that will land you in bed for a while.

The increase in Candida in your intestinal track is a product of taking antibiotics, which kill beneficial bacteria in your system. Changes of body pH during pregnancy are another reason that triggers the multiplication of Candida.

Uncontrolled diabetes will also eventually allow Candida to grow as will any other disease or condition that disturbs or weakens the immune system like HIV or chemotherapy. If you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms you must immediately start with the proper treatment to reduce drastically the infestation of Candida.

Candida appears usually where there is alkaline pH in different areas of the body like the vagina, anus, underarms and mouth. The infection of Candida causes severe itch and with time will produce a strong odor which will not go way until the infection is removed.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that also live in your system. The human body is filled with bacteria, some are good and some are bad. The body needs them especially for the digestive process.

Probiotics help to move the food through the stomach and into the digestive system. They also maintain the proper acidic pH in the stomach so food is digested properly and your body is able to use nutrients better and faster.

There are two general strains of probiotics; the first is Lactobacillus which is found in yogurt and other food products which include fermentation in their processing. The other main strain of probiotics is Bifidobacterium which is also found in dairy products. Either one is perfect to improve and control pH levels in the stomach and intestinal track.

Probiotics help increase your natural defenses and boost your immune system too so they are not only beneficial to your digestive system but for your whole body.  These must be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise.

Mind you, getting rid of Candida is not easy and will take some time. There is no medicine that will kill it and keep it dead, if the doctor says that you will be cured by taking this or that pill he is not saying the truth.

The way to get rid of Candida is by leveling pH in your stomach and substituting the yeast for good, healthy probiotics. Increasing the levels of acid in the stomach takes some time and so does reducing the Candida colonies, patience, good food and a permanent ingestion of probiotics will, in time, get the job done.

How do Probiotics work in relation to Candida?

When you have an excess of Candida in your digestive system it is better to take soil based probiotics instead of lactic acid based formula. This is especially true if you are lactose intolerant because the formula based on lactic acid may cause bloating and other discomforts.

They both have the same purposes which are to boost the immune system and increase defenses all over the body, create the right acidity in the stomach to improve digestion process and maintain a healthy system. The increase in probiotics pushes the Candida aside as they grow and multiply reducing its habitat and forcing it to stop growing.

Diet and exercise will take care of getting rid of it and bringing its levels back to normal. The need for enough bacteria in the digestive track is extremely important to avoid constipation and stomach pains.

These bacteria are the ones who liquefy food; this process allows the food to go from the stomach into the intestine where the nutrients are absorbed. If they are not there, or there is not enough of them, pieces of food go into the intestine and will eventually block the flow.

Probiotics are not only recommended for the time when you are infested by Candida, they are good for you all the time. Yogurt contains them and so do many other products which are made with milk or contain lactic acid.

They are created by fermentation processes used in the different milk transformation activities. Before you start taking probiotics it is very important that you take an antifungal that will speed up the elimination of the Candida.

A good way to do this is to take the antifungal first and wait a couple of weeks to start taking the probiotics, this will give your body a little rest and recuperation time after the Candida and the antifungal before you start with the probiotics.

If you do the antifungal and the probiotics at the same time you will be losing part of the probiotics because antifungals also have some antibiotic qualities so it is better to wait for a few days before starting the bacteria repopulation of your intestines.

Sources of Probiotics

Probiotics in pills can be expensive and if you have to take them for a while can become a financial burden. The solution to this is to buy yogurt in your local supermarket, read the label and make sure that it has extra probiotics too.

Other sources of probiotics are fermented foods like kefir, Sauerkraut and kimchi. These should be eaten fresh, not the canned or package type because those have to be pasteurized before packaging and they have lost a lot of the beneficial bacteria in them.

Try your local market where you will probably find these products fresh. Probiotics are also available in certain legumes and other foods like honey, asparagus, soybean, oatmeal and others so it is not necessary for you to buy pills, or drink yogurt all day. A glass of red wine will also put good bacteria into your stomach and will at the same time help you relax.

Candida can be easily prevented using probiotics

Candida can do a lot of damage to your body and not only that but it can last a long time. It is important to attack it fiercely the moment that it is identified because it does not only affect your digestive system but also your mood, your energy levels and even your looks because it makes you gain weight without even eating more than you usually do.

This is where we throw in the last and worst stone; it can be extremely embarrassing when gases are released into the air. Candida does not only produce infections and pain it affects your body in many ways by making you uncomfortable, bloated and make you feel like your stomach is full all day.

The fatigue brings lack of concentration and the desire to remain in bed all day which in itself brings depression and sadness. Nobody knows your body better than you do, if you feel something is different or wrong fix it as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor as soon as you feel something is not right so he can have the proper tests done and you can start immediate treatment.


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