8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Top 8 Most Powerful Tips For Preventing Stroke

Recent studies have been able to show that reducing stroke is very possible. This may entail altering the way you have been living your life. Have you been wondering how you could prevent stroke? Then you are at the right place.

What is a stroke?

Stroke is a medical disorder where there tends to be a shortage of blood that is usually supplied to the brain. It has been identified as the number one factor that is responsible for cases of disabilities in the United States of America. It makes the brain cells to die due to the fact that there is a huge shortage of supply of oxygen and enough glucose.

The truth is that even though preventing stroke is very realistic, it may require a bit of commitment and some form of consistency on your part to make it happen. The nightmare of stroke is so terrifying that most people don’t want to hear anything about it.

However, the good news is that you are about to learn these tips that you could use to prevent stroke and live a healthy life. And don’t get bothered about whether you have to spend money for these tips to start working for you because you will not. As a matter of fact, you could use them even if you are on a shoestring budget. Here are the tips.

Blood pressure control

This is one of the primary keys to making sure that your chances of suffering from this health disorder are greatly reduced. You may want to argue that you’ve got a doctor who offers you some medications from time to time. There is no doubt about this one,  but the fact is that you can still adjust your lifestyle as a natural remedy to combating problems relating to blood pressure. Here are some tips that can help you control blood pressure the medication free way.

Try to consider your diet. It is amazing that most times we don’t even take note of what we take into our systems. This is not too healthy if you really want to prevent stroke. One of the difficult things to do is trying to alter your diet because it is like being in a strange land. It has been discovered that what you take into your system as food, has a way of influencing your blood pressure. You can try to increase your consumption of potassium as this has been known to reduce blood pressure. On the other hand, you can take food with less sodium.

Smoking habit should be stopped

If you are a smoker who is looking for ways to combat stroke and have it prevented, then you have to do away with smoking for good. Do you know that smoking is capable of reducing your years by 10? This may sound difficult to believe, but it’s the truth.

It is a habit that is difficult to stop as you may find yourself going back to do the same thing. The best way to quit is to meet people that were once in your shoes. Discuss your problems with them and they will be very much willing to help you out. They will offer you some useful strategies on how they were able to conquer the habit of smoking.

Do some exercises

Stroke is like an uninvited guest who is looking for where to enter. If you want to open the door for it to come inside and start causing some form of havoc to your system then don’t engage in exercises.

You have to do regular exercise. This is because no matter how small you may think such exercise is, it can work wonders in your body. It has been researched that you are more prone to suffering from a stroke when you are not fit. It takes your mind of those things that may be bothering you and keeps you active and strong.

From this moment, learn not stay in one place all the time. Instead, just get busy with one of those exercises that can make you sweat a little bit.

Try to moderate your alcohol intake

I know that you may be wondering why not stop this habit instead having it moderated. Alcohol, especially red wine can help you to combat stroke if you learn to take in its right proportion. Don’t take it too much because once you do, it starts losing its proactive effect that it can have on you. This means that your health is at a huge risk.

Excessive alcohol can increase your chances of suffering from stroke by 45 percent so try as much as you can to watch your quantity intake.

Avoid being depressed and stressed

Being depressed and stressed are sure tickets to stroke. You have to try as much as you can avoid them. Don’t try to allow things to bother you too much because that is where depression starts from. Also, learn to manage stress so you don’t break down health wise. One of the best ways to manage these things is to do those things that you love doing for fun. It could be that you love playing golf or watching football. Then don’t ever waste any time; just do it to make you feel eased up.

Manage your diabetes properly

If you are diabetic then you are more prone to suffering from stroke than someone who isn’t.  It can even get worse when your condition is poorly managed. This is based on the fact that your glucose level will get very high over time. The best thing to do here is not to ignore your medications. Always try as much as you can to follow the prescriptions of your doctor so as to be on a safe side. Follow the strategies for recommended treatment to not just reduce your chances of suffering from stroke, but to also lead to reducing the chances of you suffering from some other complications.

Atrial fibrillation should be treated

In case you have not heard of this one before, it is a situation where there is a formation of clots in the heart which leads to heartbeats that are irregular. These clots have the ability to cause stroke whenever they are allowed to travel to the brain.

Here are some recommended tips to combat this problem:

Learn to see your doctor if you are experiencing any form of shortness of breath.

Taking medications like Warfin or high-dose aspirin may help a lot in this case.

Watch your weight

Most persons don’t believe that being obese has a lot to with stroke. Believe it or not, they are well connected and the sooner you watch that weight of yours the better for you. Try as much as you can, to lose those pounds that you are carrying around if you don’t want to suffer from a stroke.

Here is how you can go about achieving this one!

Your food consumption shouldn’t be more than 2000 calories every day.

Increase your exercise just to burn off some pounds over the course of time.

Avoid eating food with the too much fat inside of them. Take natural food like vegetable, fruits and so on. In a nutshell, try to avoid eating in the restaurants and fast food joints for now. This is because most of their foods are processed.

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