TheraSnore Reviews

What is TheraSnore?

If you are suffering from snoring and you have no idea what do to get rid of it, then TheraSnore is the perfect product for you. Usually, most people consider that this affection is merely a reason to be embarrassed, but they fail to see the real dangers that this condition may come along with. You may consider this to be relatively harmless, but this is because you have never actually looked up into the subject.

When this condition is being caused by sleep apnea, there is a 40% that you may encounter and earlier death than the rest of the population. The risk of sudden death is greatly increased in those who have this condition and who choose to ignore it. It is why devices like this product have recently begun to appear and it is all due to people realizing the dangers of such conditions.

Snoring is currently responsible for a wide range of diseases, most of them deadly, and it is a reason to raise awareness so that other people can stay safe and prevent these problems from appearing in the first place. Here are the dangers you are being subjected to every day when going with an untreated snoring affection:


A relatively recent study claimed to have found that snoring is responsible for increasing the risk of carotid atherosclerosis. In other words, it refers to the narrowing of the arteries in the neck, as a result of increased fat deposits, commonly known as plaque.

The obvious result is that stroke is just around the corner in those cases. So, depending on how loud you are while you sleep, you have an increased risk of suffering a major stroke at one point in your life and it is always sooner than later. This is not an affection to be played with, so if you know you may be a potential patient, this product is exactly what you need.


The next condition that may develop is the arrhythmia or the irregular heart rhythm. It seems like there is a significantly higher risk of encountering arrhythmia at one point in your life if you are suffering from sleep apnea, than those who do not.

This is because apnea will affect your heart in two distinct ways. On the one hand, it may be responsible for affecting your heart’s conductive system. On the other hand, the most common of causes is the enlargement of the left atrium and when this side effect lasts for a long period of time, this is when trouble starts brewing ahead.

Heart disease

There is a 50% increased chance of contracting a heart condition if you are suffering from sleep apnea than those who do not and it is a common knowledge that apnea is strongly linked to cardiovascular problems.

Among these, we must mention high blood pressure and coronary heart disease and these are the pathways to a potential heart attack in the near future. The best thing about this product is that it helps in preventing these types of situations and it could prove to be quite a life savior, as a matter of fact.

Gatroesophageal reflux disease

This condition is also commonly known as GERD and it is the disease that it is the most often related to sleep apnea than any other. The manifestation is actually quite unpleasant and if you have encountered this problem, then you know what I am talking about. When sleeping, while having a sleep apnea, the fact that your throat closes it will affect the air flow and will create pressure in your stomach, which can cause a suction effect.

You will probably guess the outcome: your stomach’s content will flood the esophagus and you may end up choking. The good part about it, if there is such a thing, is that this condition if more likely to affect an overweight person. It seems like in the case of normal individuals, with a normal body weight, the risk is drastically reduced. Aside from this, using TheraSnore will greatly diminish the danger, because this device will keep your airways open and the risk for manifesting GERD is significantly reduced.

Physical injuries

It could sound a bit weird, but this is actually a problem. It is basically a side effect of lacking the proper sleep at night because we all know sleep apnea can disturb your sleeping sessions. This problem may degenerate and cause you to go through daytime sleepiness and this is an affection that will put others in the danger’s way as well as yourself.

If you are exhausted during the day, you may end up falling asleep while you are driving, or not paying attention to what is happening around and you may end up getting hurt or harming others. Statistics have shown that those who have sleeping disorders are involved in a lot more car accidents than the rest of the population. Being rested is extremely important and this is why TheraSnore is a must have. TheraSnore will make sure you will have your nighttime sleep and wake up in the morning completely rested and ready to go.

Loss of sexual drive

This is what frightens everyone and this is why this product is such a priceless device. It has been proven over the years that the more aggravated the sleep apnea is and the louder the snoring manifests, the poorer is the individual’s sexual drive.

This is true regardless of the person’s mental or psychological health, but it is only linked to the snoring problems. It seems like this is something that is a real problem and it affects a marriage on a long term basis if left untreated. Fortunately, TheraSnore could provide the much-needed assistance and you will be back on track as fast as you can say TheraSnore.

Mental health problems

You would have never thought of this, but it is a fact that sleep apnea could seriously affect your mental wellbeing and it is all due to the fact that the lack of sleep is known to be closely linked to depression and depressive episodes.

Various studies that took place showed that increased snoring episodes during the nighttime can influence the appearance of anxiety and depression and its level strongly depends on the intensity of the sleep apnea. Now, for the good part, it has been noticed that treating the sleep apnea with a device like this product will significantly improve your mental health and will provide the much-needed support in treating and preventing depression from settling in the first place.


Personally, I do not think there is something more annoying than a headache in the morning. It is set to ruin your whole day and it is something strongly linked to snoring and sleep apnea. Studies have identified a strong connection between morning headaches and insomnia or sleep apnea.

Normally, those who snored declared that their mornings are less pleasant and that they often experience headaches and problems throughout the day. Also, it has been observed that those using TheraSnore have a lot fewer problems and they have a higher quality of life.

As you can see, snoring is not something you can easily ignore, because it could be a lot more damaging than you could have ever guessed. TheraSnore is a state of the art device created to not only counter the act of snoring itself, but also fight against and prevent some of the most devastating diseases that can later occur. All in all, TheraSnore could be regarded as a lifesaver device, provided that it stands up to its claims.

How does TheraSnore Work?

TheraSnore is an adjustable jaw device meant to push your mandible into a more advanced position and holds it there throughout the night. When doing so, TheraSnore will clear up your airways and the air will circulate a lot easier in and out, because once your lower jaw will be pushed forward, the tongue will naturally follow, along with the muscles around the inner neck causing the blockage.

The way TheraSnore works is highly efficient in the case of normal snoring affections and it is the most sought after solution nowadays. TheraSnore is among the most sought after devices, along with other similar and the manufacturer claims that, regardless of how aggravated your sleep apnea is, TheraSnore will deal with it in a timely manner.

What are TheraSnore Benefits?

This is where, when talking about TheraSnore benefits, we should approach this situation from different perspectives. On the one hand, we need to identify the physical and mental benefits coming from TheraSnore daily usages and on the other hand we have to compare this particular product with other similar ones.

There has to be something that makes TheraSnore unique and a lot more reliable and efficient than any other similar products, right? First of all, here are the most important benefits TheraSnore will be providing you with, once you will use it on a regular basis:

  • Your snoring and sleep apnea will be a thing of the past – TheraSnore will ease the symptoms and you will have a more relaxed and peaceful sleep.
  • You will feel more rested during the day – It is a normal consequence of using TheraSnore regularly. This mere fact will reduce the risk of accidents in the future due to exhaustion and we know that this is a major problem nowadays.
  • You will have a lower risk for heart conditions – TheraSnore will reduce the risk of contracting a serious heart condition and will keep you safe from strokes, heart attacks and so on.
  • TheraSnore will improve your brain’s functioning – This is also a no-brainer. Once you will start using TheraSnore and your snoring episodes will be greatly diminished, the aftermath pretty much speaks for itself. You will be able to focus a lot better, you will have a healthier mental state and your cognitive processes will be significantly improved.
  • TheraSnore is believed to improve and even actively fight against depression and anxiety symptoms – Since depression is a major problem in these days, it is needless to say that TheraSnore will prove to be an essential device.

When comparing TheraSnore with other similar devices, there are certain things specified by the manufacturer that, he claims, make TheraSnore unique and a lot more valuable and efficient. This being said, let’s analyze what makes TheraSnore so effective and what differentiates it from the rest of the products out there:

  • The TheraSnore manufacturer claims that TheraSnore lasts twice as long as most of the other appliances. The statement is that TheraSnore can be used over a period of 2 years, whereas the large majority of the products falling in the same category are only designed to last for 12 months or less.
  • TheraSnore is designed to only encompass the upper teeth, which means that the lower jaw is free and you can move it the way you want during the night.
  • TheraSnore is fully adjustable and it has 5 different settings in order to fit regardless of a person’s measures.
  • Unlike similar products, TheraSnore will not cause jaw or gums ache.
  • The manufacturer claims that 90% of those who have bought and tried TheraSnore, have decided to keep it permanently. Of course, this is extremely hard to believe, but we had to mention it since it is one of the statements that you will run into when searching for information regarding TheraSnore.

What are TheraSnore Ingredients?

There are no ingredients that you should know about. TheraSnore is a simple device that is designed to fight against some of the most dangerous affections and there is nothing complicated about it. What you see is what you get, unlike food supplements of various drugs that can come with a large variety of side effects along the way.

How to Use TheraSnore?

Again, this is where these types of products shine and it is what makes TheraSnore some of the most sought after products of its range. All you have to do is to heat up the device, apply it to your upper teeth and then you are good to go to sleep.

The fact that it is a simple to use the device is a certain advantage since there are a lot of people who have had a lot of problems when having to use different complicated products. On the other hand, this is where you see the advantages that TheraSnore has, unlike drugs or any other similar supplements. This is where you will be glad TheraSnore is so simple and easy to apply.

Who Should Use TheraSnore?

TheraSnore is only designed to be used by those whose snoring affection can be treated using this device. If you are overweighing, then it is most likely that TheraSnore will not be able to assist you too much. The reason is that, when being overweight, the snore can occur when your fat deposits around the inner neck and blocks the airways during nighttime when the muscles relax. There is not much TheraSnore could do in these cases.

Aside from that, everyone can use TheraSnore, regardless whether we are talking about minors or adults, men or women. It is, however, unlikely that TheraSnore could ever be required by a minor since there are not that many juvenile snoring patients. This affection is most likely to affect adults and this is who TheraSnore is meant for.

Does TheraSnore have any Side Effects?

Weird as it may seem, we have been unable to find any side effects for TheraSnore, anywhere on the official site or on the internet. This could only mean two possible things: either TheraSnore has no side effects, or the reviews are lying.

There is no way of telling, really, because there are so few customer reviews to analyze. That is, on the official site, of course. The manufacturer, however, claims that TheraSnore is completely safe for regular usages and that it has no side effects like other similar devices have. In case this is true, TheraSnore is definitely one of the most efficient appliances of all.

Product Pricing & Refund Policy

Regarding the pricing, there is an interesting offer on the official site. You can purchase TheraSnore at a price of $49.95 and here is the interesting fact. It seems like the product actually costs $79.95, but this is a limited time $30 discount that will end on February 21st.

This is something you should take into consideration if planning to purchase TheraSnore because it seems to be quite an interesting deal. Aside from the TheraSnore device, you can also choose from a wide array of supplementary products, like cleaning solutions and such.

The refund policy is 30 days, but the manufacturer’s claim is a bit contradictory, to say the least. First, he declares that you will be fully refunded if the TheraSnore device “does not meet your satisfaction”. We all know what that means, ok.

Then the same manufacturer states, just a sentence away, that “we will refund your original delivery charge when a product is faulty or damaged but not when a product is simply unwanted” So much for refunding when not meeting my satisfaction, huh? We do not know what the deal here is, but it sure sounds a bit fishy. The good thing is that TheraSnore comes with a 12 months warranty, so this is something that needs to be remembered.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy TheraSnore?

The bottom line is this. The TheraSnore manufacturer is called Tower Health and we have encountered this manufacturer all over the internet, offering various health supplements and such. Looking through the official website, we have noticed that you can contact them by e-mail, phone or through the physical address in UK. All seems legit and Tower Health seems to be a somewhat transparent producer. This being said, TheraSnore seems to be trustworthy, as far as we can tell, and you could give it a shot and see how it will work for you.

Where to buy TheraSnore from?

If you are interested in purchasing TheraSnore, you better do it fast, because the offer is about to expire in a couple of days. You can order it using the following link.


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