UN states attend a meeting on antibiotic resistance

The UN states attend a meeting on antibiotic resistance – what can be the outcome?

Last Evening, 193 member states of the UN united for a meeting to find answers to some of the major aspects of global health. This was a historic event and the meeting aimed to find the solution to combat the challenges of the antimicrobial resistance.

Mankind lives surrounded by billions of bacteria. The majority of these microorganisms comes friendly to mankind and assists in surviving and thriving. However, there are a few strains that trigger various ailments.

To kill this microorganism, one would need the antibiotics. This evolution of these drugs brought revolution in the domain of health science. In addition to curing the bacteria-borne ailments, antibiotic extends significant support to food preservation. As a matter of fact, the evolution of antibiotic has enabled mankind to achieve abundance in food production.

However, there are the negative attributes of the antibiotics as well. It is a critical observation that if the usage of the antibiotic becomes too frequent, bacteria adapts these challenges. Eventually, bacteria win over the antibiotics, making these formulations completely inactive.

Since the discovery of Penicillin by Alexandra Fleming in 1928, he as well as other scientists were vocal to aware the mass about antibiotic resistance. Even at concurrent times, health experts have been advocating that people should not overuse the antibiotic.

However, the indiscriminate use of these medicines continues to persist.  These days, antibiotics get used in food preservations, meditation mats, and several other areas. Doing so, they only end up in intensifying the resistance.

Antibiotic overuse- a serious concern for the civilization of human

Since the first alarm got blown by Alexandra Fleming, after 100 years antibiotic resistance has turned into a phase of a silent killer. Research study exhibits the fact that last year this factor has snatched 700,000 lives last year.

In a span of a decade, individuals, healthcare providers as well as the food processing companies have put significant effort to find a solution to these issues. This is a critical issue as it not only triggers health issues but, triggers economic threats as well.

Even if a few countries or a few entities are endeavoring actions, it is impossible for them to find a solution to these troubles. In order to address these concerns, a global plan runs necessary. You need to keep in mind that microbes can travel easily. The situation demands that the health, security and the agricultural sector to collaborate together and try to find the solution as a team.

Till date, a minimal advancement achieved to fight the crisis from the antibiotic resistance. This trouble has got marked as a global crisis as it has been a major factor behind the negative changes in the ecological balance.

What made UN in taking an active role to tackle the problem?

Even if antibiotic plays the role of a life-saving drug, it is a fact that people are using it indiscriminately and incorrectly.

Experts suggest that in not less than 50% of the cases of antibiotic prescription, doctors actually made an unnecessary suggestion. A research from JAMA exhibited the fact across the world; 47 million wrong prescriptions come up every year. In recent times, there has been a drastic rise in the rate of antibiotic prescriptions in the US hospitals.

The JAMA study has even exhibited the fact in 70% of the cases US doctors prescribed the use of antibiotic to treat viruses that antibiotic can never heal. Physicians are well aware of the fact that antibiotic will not work on viruses. Still, they prescribe these drugs as patient demands for such prescriptions. In some instances, people even buy antibiotics over the counter, without taking physician’s advice.

In addition to its use to fight bacteria, antibiotic finds applications in agriculture, food preservations, as well as to safeguard the health of the animals. Farmers typically employ the antibiotic for treating sick animals; safeguard the animals from infections as well as to fatten their animals. The last 2 cases of application have trigger controversy among the health experts.

Rise of Superbugs – a threat to modern medical science

In recent times, misuse of antibiotic has gone to an alarming extent. With it, the antibiotic resistance has even intensified. It has turned several antibiotics inactive. Hence, experts are warning the mass that if the use of antibiotic is not controlled, global health is standing a major challenge that is as severe as terrorism.

Just in the US, antibiotic resistance serves as the reason for 25000 deaths as well as over 2 million ailments annually. There are several ailments that you cannot control with the antibiotics. The over usage of antibiotic destroys the beneficial bacteria in mankind. This weakens the immune system of the body.

It implies, larger count of people turns vulnerable to various ailments as well as the ailments turn more prolonged and eventually, more people die of these resistant and the tragedy is that the modern medical science is yet to have a solution to these threats. On the other hand, it even escalates the cost of treating the antibiotic resistance.

A few effective remedies to the troubles:

Stopping the use of antibiotics in food preservations and processing

The first step in fighting antibiotic resistance is to stop the use of antibiotic in food processing. Experts are of the opinion that this is one of the most effective remedies to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Raising public awareness

Another important step to eliminate the indiscriminate use of antibiotics is to raise the awareness of the adverse effects of overusing antibiotic. Experts are of the opinion that if people get aware of these adversities, people will automatically refrain from the over usage of antibiotic.

Stopping the use of antibiotic in livestock

Experts are advocating the thought that the overuse of antibiotics can get reduced to the significant extent if the application in livestock gets stopped. Likewise, it will be wise to stop the application of antibiotic for treating animals or to use it for fattening the animals.

Physicians have to take the responsibility of educating the mass

Experts are voicing the notion that doctors should come forward to educate people on the adversities associated with the overuse of antibiotics. Doctors should only prescribe these medicines, only if it is inevitable.

Doctors should ensure that they are not suggesting the patient antibiotic in instances that these medicines can’t fight. It is obvious that people would trust the physicians. Hence, whatever the doctors suggest will come acceptable for the mass. It will be really nice if the doctors suggest their patients to refrain from the overuse of antibiotics.

Researchers should attempt to explore advanced antibiotic

Researchers need to take the responsibility of innovating advanced formulations that will be able to win over the resistance to the antibiotics. This will enable people to cure those ailments that the contemporary formulations can’t address.

Going with the proverbial saying, excess of anything is not beneficial. With that said, people have to reduce the use, overuse of antibiotic. It will ensure that the antibiotic resistance will automatically get addressed. Once the antibiotic resistance gets addressed, mankind will have remedies for some of the intense ailments and hence, life will become safer and healthier.

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