Ways to protect your heart

Recently the most hospitals are becoming increasingly filled-in with people that have heart diseases, this means that some of the current lifestyle is not exactly as it should actually be. In order for you to not bump into the patient’s’ line, you can take some preventative measures by yourself in a so simple way that you will be wondering why you never thought of them before. And if, without realizing it, you have already put them into practice, then you surely know that not all the preventive measures involve efforts. It is all about having at least some healthy habits that protect your body. Here is some of the things that you can do, according to some recent studies made in the USA:

Do yourself a steak

Maybe you think it can hurt the heart, but it is not true. The beef for example, also contains selenium, which boosts the immune system. In addition, half of the fats that are contained by the steak are some of the healthy monounsaturated fats, which are very good for the heart.

Watch a horror movie

Whether you are watching a movie that makes your pulse grow, you are in love or you read a book that keeps you in suspense, the heart will be happy to welcome all these sensations. It is like you gave to your heart a “restart”.


Some British scientists say that only fifty of the calories lost in strenuous activities such as swimming or climbing a mountain or a hill, reduces by sixty two percent the risk of a heart disease installation.

Defeat the cholesterol with fats

A group of Australian researchers showed that macadamia nuts help you to low your bad cholesterol, especially if you it get to represent fifteen percent of the calories in the diet. They are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats.

Drink cranberry juice

The researchers from the University of Scranton found that some volunteers who consumed by 3 glasses of cranberry juice per day for one entire month had higher levels of good cholesterol by 10 percent from the rest so that the risk of heart disease fall by up to 40 percent. Be sure you buy yourself juice that contains at least twenty seven percent fruit, otherwise you will drink it for nothing. In addition, make sure it does not contain sugar.

Buy yourself a dog

A quadruped will lead you not only to do more exercise, but you will escape from the daily stress, which means less effort for the heart and a longer life.

Watch the extra tooth

Up to sixty five percent of people have one misaligned wisdom tooth that will never get to the surface. If you leave the tooth this way, you would be predisposed to gather the bacteria around it and finally get infected. It is best to go to a dentist that will retrieve it if it is not functional at all.

Make friends at work

Some researchers from the University of St. John’s monitored 70 policemen in New York and found out that those who had friends at work enjoyed a lower blood pressure and a healthier heart than loners.

Go to the toilet more often

After analyzing 40 people with heart disease, the researchers at the University of Taiwan say the stress of having a full bladder increases the number of heartbeats per minute with 9 more. This means that blood circulation is impaired, which may even lead to a heart attack. So you better not postpone your breaks.

Brush your teeth correctly

After you brush your teeth use the mouthwash, so this way, there will be no bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria may increase the risk of a heart attack with 200-300%, according to researchers at the University of Buffalo.

Everyone wants to have a healthy heart. However, cardiovascular disease affects more and more people. Some habits that you may have can do the difference between a healthy heart and a sick one. If you do not practice some exercise often, do not think that doing them intensely after, you will recover everything. The solution is to walk more, said some cardiovascular disease specialists. If you lay on a chair for a very long time or you go lazy on the couch at home, you should know that you are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or of a stroke. If you feel depressed, you should know that it may be a sign of a heart disease.

help your heart

The way you face such negative emotions will help you to maintain your heart health. Those who try to close the stress inside them are at a higher risk. People who socialize more have many benefits and hence, a healthier heart, also say the experts. Snoring can also be a sign of a disease serious enough. This is called obstructive sleep apnea, and it increases the risk of heart disease. It is best to see your doctor, especially if you feel tired after you wake up. There is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease, say some doctors. The solution is to help yourself to maintain a good oral hygiene. If you do not brush your teeth too often or you do not use the floss, you have to know that this can lead you to many infections and even to gum disease that can be spread in the body.

Again the alcohol … Alcohol in excess is very dangerous for the heart. This can lead to high blood pressure, high blood fats and even heart failure. In general, it is recommended not to exceed two beers a day or two 330 ml glasses of wine for men. Women should consume half of that amount daily.

Obesity also shows higher risk of heart disease. If you consume more soft drinks containing sugar, then you should replace them with water. In food, avoid fats as much as possible.

A new job? A new reason to party. Your cat born? Again, a pretext for a reunion with friends. American specialists found that a party a week is good for the heart. Whatever the reason for the party is, it was demonstrated that weekly entertainment lowers the risk of heart disease, informs some American publication. Researchers who studied the members of a community that had a party once a month, they noticed that among the partygoers the incidence of heart disease has declined substantially. The subjects indicated, however, that they are not smokers. According to experts, people who know how to party are more relaxed and therefore less likely to stress, one of the factors that trigger cardiovascular disease.

The so called, “Heartbroken” is not a myth but a sometimes deadly syndrome, the scientists say. In cardiology, pain of love is called cardiomyopathy of stress or “takotsubo”. In early September, a team of twenty six researchers from the Hospital of Zurich participated in a study conducted on one thousands seven hundred and fifty patients, to improve the diagnosis of this pathology. The study results were published in New England Journal of Medicine. The syndrome of the “broken heart” would affect the annual two percent of patients, victims of heart attacks. In general, the victims are women (eighty percent) over 60 years who went through a divorce, or who had to face the death of a loved one or simply a great emotional stress. “Following a fact that annoyed or because of the emotional stress, the patient felt a strong pain in the chest, similar to a heart attack.

Pain also radiates to the jaw and arm”, says Claire Mounier-Vehier, cardiologist, president of the French Federation of Cardiology. When the patient reaches the emergency room, the doctors are doing him an electrocardiogram fast, but the anomalies are not as the classic attack because the coronary vessels are not affected. Only at a cardiac MRI examination the specific lesions are detected. The nervous system is acting on the heart muscle and it causes paralysis of the lower part of the heart, that is unable to contract. It is the lower part that remains inert and takes the form of what the Japanese call “tako tsubo”, a traditional trap for octopus or more simply, a rugby ball. There is scientifically clear why women are more affected by the syndrome of the “broken heart” than men. Claire Mounier-Vehier considers that it is a protective estrogen in premenopausal women. “Estrogen protects against the impact of the stress hormones. But at the menopause, these hormones disappear and the arteries are more soft “, which would make the older women more susceptible to this violent pathology.” shows the doctor.

Another expert points out, that however, the risk of death remains small, only 3.7% of patients currently lost their lives in this cause (versus 5.3% for conventional heart attacks). In addition, they generally fail due to illness or other serious complication: blood clots, rhythm disorder that causes cardiac arrest, etc. The symptoms of the “broken heart” syndrome generally disappear within one to three months after the accident. From the moral point of view, things are completely different, yet not finding one cure for recovery after losing a loved one.

The best way to maintain your heart healthy is of course to take care of it, which is not as hard as you might think. You just have to follow some simple steps that will prevent the heart attack but you will also feel better every day. Here are a few of these tricks, according some researchers:

Convince the people around you not to smoke anymore

People surrounded by people who smoke have a ninety two percent higher chance to suffer a heart attack. The passive smoking also increases bad cholesterol, it decreases the good cholesterol and can lead to blood clots.

Make sport for 30 minutes, 4 times per week

Middle-aged people who work at least two hours a week had a sixty percent lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Lose weight: 5-10 kg

Especially if you are overweight, losing weight is essential to have no health problems. A study that spanned 10 years shows that obese people are prone to heart attacks 8.2 years earlier than the rest.

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day

Even if it is recommended to drink 8 glasses per day, five is the minimum number, without which the body does not work as it should. Doing this thing, you dilute the blood and prevent the clots from appearing.

Change the coffee with a tea

A recent study showed that those who drank three cups of tea a day had a lower risk of becoming infected with heart diseases, compared to the people who do not drink tea at all.

Eat salmon and tuna

The consumption of fish at least twice a week reduces the risk by 30 percent, due to omega-3 acids.

Ask your doctor about vitamin E and aspirin

People that benefit of these two chemicals were eighty percent less likely to develop blood clots in the arteries, says the researchers of the University of Pennsylvania.

Eat a morning cup of corn flakes

This cereal contains the highest concentration of folic acid, it helps the decreasing of cardiovascular disease risk by 13 percent.

Count to 10 when you’re in a stressful situation or are bad news, and then react

In this way, you will settle down a little, thing which is very important for the heart. Impulsive people are 3 times more prone to heart attack, compared to those who are calm.

Eat watermelon

Because it contains forty percent more lycopene than tomatoes and it is better absorbed by the body, the watermelon prevents the heart diseases by 30 percent.

Spiritually speaking, the silence is the essence of the heart. You can not be in the full of your heart if you do not forgive yourself and forgive others as well. You can not be in the full your heart if you are worried or angry. You can not be in the full of your heart if you are breathing heavily. When breathing is superficial, so is the thinking. If you want to live a spiritual life, realize the way you breathe. Force yourself to become aware of the moments in which you are breathing shallow and expand the consciousness on your thoughts. You will see that your mind talks to you.  None of these thoughts has no depth or meaning. If you relax and breathe deeply, these thoughts will fly like birds scared. This is when you will find shelter in your heart.

When your breathing is troubled, your thoughts are led by fear and anxiety. Strive to become aware of the moments when you are breathing hardly. Notice what you think and how you feel. Your state of mind is rooted in the past or future. You focus yourself on what other people do and on how you can adapt to their actions or how you can protect yourself from them. You build around your heart a fortress composed of thoughts. Breathe deeply and relax. Breathe again. Breathe and turn yourself to your heart. If you do not, you will not see the light of compassion. And if you can not look with compassion around you, you will not see the world how you should see it. Breathing is the key to living a spiritual life in physical incarnation. When the body dies, the breath leaves him. If you want to live a spiritual life, breathe deeply and slowly.

If you can not breathe deeply and calm, you can not be in the full of your heart. When you breathe this way, you are currently filling your heart. Notice that you are deeply relaxed, but surprisingly brisk. Your consciousness extends to all your body cells. You are happy where you are. At this point, you fully live in your body. You feel full of warmth and energy. You feel safe. Your thoughts slowed and became more comprehensive. Do not focus on “should have” and ” what if ” in your life. Tension and anxiety disappear.


Past and future receded in your conscious state. Your thinking is centered and full of dignity. You can focus on your thoughts, because they are more few and rare. Bring your consciousness to your heart now, as calm but keep breathing deeply until your abdomen. You can feel your heart in the center of understanding and compassion presence? Can you see that you accept gently – yourself and the other? Can you feel the love that dwells in your heart and extends freely over the others? You are now in the full of your heart. Now you are in the silence from where all the sounds come.  You are as a boat on the ocean, you can feel the waves undulate beneath you. And you move with the waves, but you know you are not a wave. Thoughts come and go, but you know that you are not your thoughts. Some thoughts push you farther than others, though you can go back to the center. Such a higher wave, some thought that is loaded with emotion surrounded you? If you stay where you are, and you focus on your heart, the excitement will decrease. Now you know. You can stay in the tide, exiting and entering, feeling the contraction and expansion of your thoughts.

Beneath the thinking mind, is pure consciousness does not judge, there is the heart. Once you discover this conscious, the heart opens – and to give and to receive does not require any effort anymore. Observing the silence and taking a deep and calm breath is the easiest way to open your heart. The method you use to enter your heart is just a tool, your real job is to protect it once you opened it. What is also important is that you have to find a way to access the deeper aspects of your being, which is at peace.

Most of the human beings nowadays live life in a fast way, struggling to carry on tomorrow. Their minds are filled with thoughts, plans and worries. Their bodies are constantly fighting or restlessness, and it weakens the immune system and creates conditions in which disease and sickness can be installed. There are few human beings who deal directly their welfare, physical and emotional. There is no wonder that they do not have any spiritual perspective. When people do not care for themselves, they blame others for their problems. They feel victims. They feel trapped when it comes to their work or to their relationship, where they are physically located, with their roles and responsibilities. They seem to live constantly with pressure. Whether they remain in their outer and feel victims, as they are always regretting everything or they should be otherwise than before the situation is resolved, leaving behind broken hearts.

If any of this seems familiar to you, then you know very well how easy it is to get caught up in the struggle for more existence. As you forget more how to breathe, the air becomes unhealthy and even appear many interpersonal conflicts. Take the responsibility for what you consume, for what people you have around you, for what you are doing. You can choose. Some choices bring you just struggle and pain. Others, bring you peace and healing. When you decide to practice silence, when you decide to truly protect your heart, your relationship with the whole universe changes. Communication deepens and expand. Those who know you, understand you speechless. There are no more differences between what is inside and what is outside. Earth and sky meet, where your heart and mind unite in a silent blessing. Only your fear makes you resist life. By breathing you overcome the fear – and resistance disappears. Now join the current life.

But above everything, the heart! Think that every person who has lived on this planet has known and practiced what I tell you now. And somewhere deep in your heart you know it and you remember that too. The one that listens and the one who always tells the truth. The one who makes services without keeping anything for himself. The one who loves without asking anything in return. That one is the one who learns to breathe and how to get out of pain, is the one with his heart open and protected!

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